7+ structures you can easily make for vertical gardening

Being short on space doesn't mean you can't grow garden plants, it just means you need to get a little more creative. Thankfully there are many idea available online to create really unique vertical gardening structures that allow you to grow your plants upwards, taking advantage of what little space you do have available.
No matter what structure you decide upon, always make sure they are securely fastened to a wall or ceiling if they are a hanging structure, or they have a stable base if they are freestanding. No one wants to come outside to see their hard work and garden plants in a heap of soil on the ground.
1. Pallets
The solid wooden structure of pallets make them a great material to use for gardening projects. Attach landscaping fabric to the back of one, flip it on its end and use slats to create "shelves" where you can put plants. Country Living walks you through the step by step process!
2. Rain gutters
Plastic rain gutters create an easy to assemble vertical garden. Cut gutters to the desired length, and cap the ends. Attach to a wooden frame or create a hanging garden using piano wire or metal chain. Fill with potting soil and add your favorite plants!
3. Hanging shoe organizer
If you're planning on growing smaller plants, or even herbs, a shoe organizer can be a great way to grow vertically. Attach the top of the planter to the wall and fill each pocket with potting soil, then plant your plants in the individual slots.
4. Clay pots
If you've already got a pergola or gazebo, you can easily create a "wall" of chicken wire off to one side. Then using metal strapping or piano wire attach clay pots on the chicken wire to create a vertical garden wall.
5. Hanging herb garden
Using a heavy duty dowel rod, and some jute rope, space wooden planks vertically to create shelves that dangle from the rod. Openings in the planks can be filled with plastic or terra cotta pots for plants. Check out Buzzfeed for a step by step tutorial.
6. Stacking crates
Wooden crates or stackable wooden planters make a great vertical garden when they are stacked in an offset pattern and secured together. The larger crates can hold bigger plants, creating a sizable vertical garden.
7. Dollar store butter dishes
Create a vertical garden for an inexpensive amount using containers from the dollar store! Flip butter dishes upside down, paint with your favorite color of spray paint and attach heavy duty magnets to the backside. Fill with perlite, plant herbs or succulents in them, and attach to a metal panel that has been secured to a wall or hung in your garden space.
8. PVC pipe
One of the great things about using plastic pipe to create a vertical garden, is you can hang it horizontally or vertically, allowing for different creative options. Using metal chain or piano wire, hang sections of pipe to use as planters making sure to cap the ends and drill out holes for planting.

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