How to make heart string art

Who knew that string and nails were such a charming combination? This heart string art is a simple way to add a unique and interesting piece of art to your space. The barnboard not only gives a rustic and antique look to the piece but also allows you to skip the step of painting or staining.
Check out the instructions and video to see how you can add this shabby chic piece of decor to your home. Although the pink floss shown can add a pop of color to any room, opt for a neutral color of embroidery loss for a more subdued look for your version of the project.
- Short length of barnboard
- Pencil
- Finishing nails
- Hammer
- Dark pink embroidery floss 
- Light pink embroidery floss
- Scissors
1. Draw three evenly spaced hearts onto the barnboard with a pencil.
2. Partially hammer in finishing nails along all three heart outlines. The nails should be evenly spaced and close together.
3. Tie a knot around the nail at the bottom of the middle heart using dark pink embroidery floss.
4. Loop the dark pink embroidery floss around each nail, forming an outline of the heart.
5. Loop the embroidery floss around the nails again, this time working vertically so that the inside of the heart begins to fill with the embroidery floss.
6. Loop the embroidery floss around the nails a final time, this time going horizontally.
7. Tie a knot around one of the nails using the embroidery floss to secure all the floss in place. Cut off the excess floss.
8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 on the remaining two hearts using the light pink embroidery floss.