How to make a crate shelf

You can never have too much storage, but even the biggest homes run out of floor space eventually. If that's the case at your home, a floating shelf is an effective solution great solution – especially if it's a chic shelf you made yourself.
Making a shelf might seem like a big project to take on, but it's a lot easier than you might think. If you are ready to give it a whirl, check out the video tutorial and the instructions below to learn how it's done.
- Wooden crates
- Sanding block
- Plastic bag or small tarp
- Wood stain
- Paintbrush
- Clamps
- Electric drill
- Screws
- Metal coa thook
DIY Everywhere
1. Smooth out both crates with the sanding block to ensure there are no rough edges.
2. Put down a large plastic bag or small plastic tarp to protect the work surface.
3. Apply a coat of stain to each crate with a paintbrush and let dry.
4. Place the crates side by side, secure them with clamps.
5. Predrill a few holes with the electric drill to put in screws to attach the crates together.
6. Attach the coat hook to the bottom front of the shelf where the two crates meet.
7. Hang the new shelf on the wall and fill it with a few favorite decor pieces.

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