How to make a crate bench

Finding the perfect bench can be hard, especially when you want something that has plenty of storage space and looks good enough to deserve a place in your home. If you've had a hard time finding a bench that you love, don't worry – this chic crate bench fits the bill perfectly.
Simple wooden crates serve as the base, and it's not difficult to make. Follow along with the video tutorial and the instructions below, and you'll have a cute new bench in no time at all.
- Crates
- Sanding block
- Wood stain
- Paintbrush
- Clamps
- Pencil
- Electric drill
- Screws
- Rope
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- 1 or 2 cushions
DIY Everywhere
1. Sand both crates and give each a coat of wood stain. Let them dry.
2. Set the crates next to each other end-to-end and clamp them together. Make pencil marks where you'd like to place screws, and use the electric drill to screw the crates together.
3. Wrap a piece of rope around the center handles of the crate bench. Trim off any excess rope and secure in place with hot glue.
4. Repeat step 3 for the remaining crate handles until all three are covered.
5. Add a single cushion or two cushions to provide a soft place to sit.

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