How to make a hanging wire basket

Vertical storage always comes in handy, especially if you live in a smaller home that's short on space. This hanging wire basket is the perfect way to give yourself a bit of extra storage space without making your home look cluttered.
It would work well as a fruit bowl, but you could also use the basket to hold rolled hand towels in the bathroom or kids' toys in the family room. Check out the video tutorial and the instructions below if you want to learn how to make a hanging basket.
- Cutting mat or ruler
- Yarn
- Scissors
- Metal ring
- Wire basket
1. Measure out 120 inches of yarn; this can easily be done by measuring out 12 inches and looping the yarn back and forth 10 times to create five loops.
2. Using this piece of yarn as a guide, cut three more 120-inch pieces of yarn.
3. Loop the pieces of yarn through the metal ring and fold them over the hoop at the midpoint so eight pieces of yarn hang down from the ring. Secure the metal ring by tying the yarn in a knot.
4. The first knots will be tied 24 inches down from the top ring. Measure out this length, then group the pieces of yarn into pairs and tie a knot in each one.
5. Tie a second series of knots 4 inches down from the first knots, and tie a third series of knots 4 inches below that for a total of three rows of knots.
6. At 3 inches below the final row of knots, gather all the pieces of yarn together and tie them in a large knot. Trim the ends of the yarn so all the pieces are even.
7. Slip the wire basket into its new hanger and place wherever you like.
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