7+ gorgeous ways to upcycle rose petals

Roses have different meanings depending on the colors. Red indicates love and romance, white is for remembrance and yellow is for friendship. You likely have received a rose or two that holds significance, such as when you were asked on a date or someone wanted your forgiveness.
You could hang roses upside-down and dry them, but we have a few ideas for those rose petals before they dry out. We also have some crafty ways for projects with fake petals for those who have allergies or just love roses but don't have any at the moment.
Rose petal luminary
Use false fabric rose petals of any color you like to craft a rose petal luminary. A battery-powered votive allows you to place this light anywhere you want, such as on a bookshelf or mantel.
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While you could glue the petals willy nilly, our video shows you how to create a pattern reminiscent of ones on shoji screens. Strips of tan card stock reinforce the luminary while giving it an earthy tone.
Rose petal necklace
This necklace can serve as a constant reminder of someone. Use a petal from a memorial rose to remember a loved one who has passed on, or use the petal from the rose you received on a first date or when a child was born. This project requires the use of resin in a mold.
Rose petal resin bracelet
Dried, crushed rose petals are the best to use in this project. Use a mold to pour the resin into, then add the crushed petals before the resin sets. If you want to embellish the ring a bit, add some gold flakes, small beads or glitter.
Rose petal tray
This craft looks better than your standard TV tray and adds color to any room. You might even think it's too pretty to be used. That's OK -- just display it on a coffee or dining room table.
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A metallic base coat of paint provides some shimmer below adhered rose petals. You may use any color combination and pattern you like, but check out the video below for a vibrant purple-and-white option. If you want another color, choose different shades to create the pattern in our tutorial.
Rose petal bookmark
It's time to stop using scrap paper as bookmarks. Give your reading material some love by creating a rose petal placeholder that will impress others if it falls out of your book.
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Fabric rose petals dress up cardboard of whatever size you want your bookmark to be. In the video below, we use a matching tassel, but you also could use a neutral or contrasting color. Check out our tutorial to learn how to make a tidy top rim.
Rose petal heart in a shadow box
Show some love in any color with this rose petal heart in a box. Using a shadow box allows you to set it down anywhere, such as on a mantel or bedroom dresser. You also could hang it up as a wall decoration.
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Start with an unstained wood shadow box so you may paint it whatever color you like. The frame can match the petal colors or contrast them. The video below shows you exactly how to construct the heart shape and gives you a great idea on how to embellish the frame.
Rose petal vase
The addition of rose petals to a vase helps cover up any browning stems or particles and dirt that have drifted to the bottom. Use any vase shape you like!
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This craft is simple! Our tutorial demonstrates how much glue to use and the importance of leaving spots empty so greenery can show through.

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