15+ things you can make with a mason jar that you might not have thought of

Mason jars are one of the most versatile craft supplies out there. They can be turned into so many cool things, and they're cheap and easy to find whether you buy them from a thrift store or a grocery store.
You might already know about mason jar crafts, but the list of things you can use them for is almost endless. Keep scrolling to get inspired and learn some cool new ways to use these multipurpose jars.
Mason jar Halloween votives
These spooky mason jar Halloween votives are just what you need to start celebrating the season for spooks. You can paint any design on them you like. Use an LED candle for the best results. Line them up in a window near the front door to greet young visitors Halloween night. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar herb and spice magnets
This herb and spice storage idea is completely genius. If you have a lot of herbs and spices you'd like to store in these, you could even buy a strip of magnet and attach it to one of the walls in your kitchen instead of sticking the jars on your fridge. Get the full tutorial here.
Pine luminary
It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. This festive pine luminary would make such a festive decoration for the holidays, and it's so easy to make. Why not make a few? Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar pendant light
This pendant light is such a pretty way to light up your living room or your bedroom. It would work in any space that's not big enough for a floor lamp, and the twine gives it just the right amount of rustic charm. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar toothbrush holder
This mason jar toothbrush holder is so clever. You can paint it whatever color matches your bathroom, and a piece of chicken wire in the top of the jar makes sure that toothbrushes stay organized. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar pumpkin
These short mason jars are ready to ring in fall. They are equally home dressing up an end table or adding a touch of the season to a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You could even put little treats inside and give them to guests to bring home as a souvenir of their visit. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar sconces
If you want some cozy lighting during the winter season, turn to a mason jar for a ready solution. You could personalize these as much as you'd like, such as changing the color of the twine or adding another small decoration. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar wind chime
This mason jar wind chime is unique and adds both a little decor and a little music to a garden or patio. Is there anything you'd add to it to give it a bit of a personal touch? Get the full tutorial here.
Jute macrame jar
If you've never tried macrame before, this project is the right place to start. These simple macrame jars are easy to make, and there are so many different ways you could put them to use. Fill them with fairy lights and line them up on a fireplace mantle. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar to-go cup
It's time to ditch the plastic water bottle and start using a glass to-go cup instead, and this DIY mason jar is just what you need. If you want to use it for hot beverages, you can make a sleeve for it to protect your hands. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar gel candle
If you've always wanted to try making a gel candle, you definitely need to make one of these. It's a fun project for fall but could easily be tweaked to become a winter-themed candle. If you think your friends and family would like one, make a big batch to give away at the holidays. Get the full tutorial here.
Mason jar rustic vase
This rustic mason jar vase is simple, but it's so pretty. This charming piece would look wonderful with almost any kind of flower inside, but you could also use it as a desk organizer or as part of a table centerpiece. Customize it by choosing a paint that matches your decor.
Mason jar terrarium
You don't need to have much of a green thumb to grow plants in a terrarium, and they don't get much easier to make than the one in this tutorial! The pinecones and acorns give the terrarium an autumn-y feel, but you could replace them with rocks for a different look. Get the full tutorial here.
Frosted mason jars
Almost everyone will love the look of these pretty frosted mason jars. They could be used for everything from displaying flowers to storing rice and sugar in the pantry. Get the full tutorial here.
Herb garden
Everyone could use a little herb garden in the kitchen, and this mason jar version is simply adorable. It would fit inside or outside decor, and you could use it to plant succulents or flowers if you don't do enough cooking to require an herb garden. Get the full tutorial here.
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