How to make a paper basket

You might think that basket weaving is best left to the professionals, but you couldn't be more wrong! Making baskets is much easier than you probably think, and they can be made out of simple household items such as paper and hot glue.
In fact, making baskets is a delightful way to use up scrap paper that otherwise might get thrown straight into the recycling bin or garbage. Read the instructions and watch the video to find out exactly how it's done.
- Paper
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Hot-glue gun
- Aluminum craft wire
- Needle-nose pliers
1. Measure, mark and cut a piece of paper into half-inch strips.
2. Measure, mark and cut the second piece of paper into 1-inch strips.
3. Bend one of the half-inch strips into a ring. Overlap the ends and hot glue them together.
4. Take a 1-inch strip of paper and hot glue one end of it inside the paper ring. Bend the loose end up and hot glue it inside the ring directly across from the first end.
5. Repeat step 4 two more times, making sure the paper strips are evenly spaced.
6. Take one of the half-inch strips of paper and weave it through the 1-inch strips at the top of the basket. Hot glue it in place at both ends.
7. Repeat step 6 as many times as needed to cover the rest of the basket, making sure to weave each strip in the opposite way from the one above it.
8. Cut a piece of wire for the basket handle and bend the ends of the wire into small hooks. Loop the hooks through the top of the basket and bend them into circles so they stay in place.

Becky, the mastermind behind Humboldt Art Dept., wanted to go as 'cheap-as-possible' for this project and, for her, that 'meant pallet wood.'
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