How to make a clothespin sunburst mirror

The golden sun motif is one that has graced modest homes and grand palaces, from simple cottages to the Palace of Versailles. This sunburst mirror project adds an extravagant air to any environment it occupies. It creates an unmistakably elegant mood by heightening the sophistication quotient of a bookshelf filled with the classics, or by standing proudly and beautifully on its own as an entryway wall decoration.
Interestingly enough, the luxe result is the sum of everyday, easily-gotten materials that you may have on hand already: simple clothespins, a bit of metallic paint and a small precut mirror. The intrepid crafter can also customize this art piece further by matching its hue to the mood and aesthetic of the space it will adorn. This piece could be painted pewter, rose gold, copper or ultra-chic ebony. Whichever choice is made, this sunburst mirror will up the elegance of any space considerably.
- About 2 dozen single-piece wooden clothespins (not the ones on springs)
- Paint mixing tray palette
- Small fine art paintbrush
- Gold metallic paint
- A circular piece of cardboard with a center circular piece cut out, donut style. The circle should be approximately 6 inches in diameter and about a half-inch in width.
- Roll of thin gold ribbon
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Small circular mirror, about 4.75 inches in diameter
1. Squirt gold craft paint into the paint palette.
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2. Apply paint to each clothespin with the paintbrush.
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3. Allow the paint to dry.
4. Take the end of the gold ribbon from the roll and hot glue it to one side of the cardboard circle.
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5. Wrap the ribbon over and around the cardboard form until it is completely covered with ribbon.
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6. Snip the ribbon from the roll and hot glue the other end piece to the backside of the cardboard piece.
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7. Allow the glue to dry.
8. Take one of the clothespins and hot glue the end with the ball on it so it is pointing toward the center of the cardboard circle, and it is flush with the interior edge of the “donut.”
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9. Repeat step 8 until the entire circle is covered with clothespins.
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10. Apply a ring of hot glue to the back inner part of the circle on the ribbon.
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11. Affix the circular mirror so that the reflective side faces through the front of the piece.
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12. After the glue dries, the piece will be ready to be displayed.
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