This mason jar candle is a fall favorite — and so easy to make!

Candles add something to every fall evening at home. When you make your own, however, it's an extra special way to bring a touch of fall flair to your dining table or living room. Show your excitement for autumn with natural materials, a little wax and a good, old fashioned mason jar.
Some people may be intimidated by the idea of making their own candles, but we've set up a quick and easy way to try this craft out for the first time. Once you've gotten the hang of it, you can start working with colored wax, scents and plenty of other options. These particular candles look lovely, are inexpensive and are very easy to make.
- Mason jar
- Gold twine
- Glue gun
- Scissors
- Wax-melting electric burner or hot plate
- Heat-resistant metal pitcher
- Gel wax
- Metal spoon
- Pre-waxed wick with a metal bottom
- Metal candle wick centering device
- Small bowl full of tiny pinecones (You can buy these online or pick them outside.)
- Small bowl full of tiny sticks (You may also choose to buy them so they are uniform, or you may want to pick them outside.)
- Small bowl full of leaves (These you should purchase from a craft store, as they will be more durable.)
- At least one heavy-duty glove that is heat-resistant
DIY Everywhere
1. Open the mason jar and remove the top. Remove the seal from the rim. Take your gold twine, and glue it to the outside of the jar's rim in several circles, so the twine covers the whole rim. Once you have covered the entire rim, cut the twine, and make sure the last piece is glued down firmly.
2. Place the mason jar and lid to the side. Place the metal pitcher onto the hot plate. We recommend using an electric burner specifically built for melting wax, but if you're not sure if you're going to do this again, you can use a hot plate. Turn it on high.
3. Open your jar of gel wax. Spoon enough wax into the pitcher to fill the mason jar up about two-thirds of the way, as you will be adding other materials as well.
4. While you are letting the wax cook, place the wick inside the mason jar so the metal bottom meets the bottom of the jar. Use the centering device to thread your wick through, and center it at the middle of your jar. Pinch the wick through the middle hole, and make sure it is held steady in the tight end of the hole. It needs to be straight and centered for the candle to burn properly.
5. Add several pine cones to the bottom of your jar, careful to make sure the wick is not moved. Then add several sticks to the jar and finally several leaves.
6. Put on your glove, and lift the pitcher from the hot plate. Very carefully pour the hot wax from the pitcher into the mason jar. Be sure not to pour wax on the wick centering device. Carefully remove the wick from the pinched part of the hole in the device and remove the device.
7. Now, place the rim without its seal back on top of the mason jar. You may need to wait until it is cool enough to handle. Screw the rim back onto the jar, and you have a candle that is homemade, lovely to look at and festive as well!

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