How to make an origami iris

Who doesn't love flowers? They come in so many pretty colors, and they're an easy way to brighten up any room. Freshly cut flowers, however, never seem to last as long as you want them to, so what's the solution?
These origami irises are every bit as pretty as the real thing, and they'll last a whole lot longer. Watch the video tutorial and check out the instructions below to learn how to make them. Include different hues of purple to create a one-of-a-kind display.
- Origami paper
- Pencil
1. Fold the sheet of paper in half by putting the top and bottom corners together.
2. Unfold the paper, rotate it 90 degrees, and fold it in half again by putting the other two corners together.
3. Fold the paper in half from left to right, then unfold it and fold it in half from top to bottom.
4. Leaving the paper folded, lift it up and bring both sides into the center. Flatten out the paper into a square.
5. Lift up the right flap so it lines up with the center of the square, then flatten it out, creating a diamond shape. Flip over the square and repeat on the other side.
6. Fold in both other side flaps in the same way.
7. Fold the top right edge of the top flap into the center so it lines up with the vertical crease. Fold the left edge of the flap into the center as well.
8. Fold down the top point of this flap to form a triangle.
9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the remaining three sides of the flower.
10. Unfold each of the four points, pulling the flower open as you do so. Roll each of the four points around a pencil to curl the petals.
1. Stack the origami iris into a pretty display.