No crochet or knitting required: Jute macrame jar DIY with an old jar

There's nothing more festive than decorating your home for the holidays, but it can also be costlier than you might like. Try your hand at some simple crafts this season and enjoy decor on a dime. You may already have some mason jars at home, and you don't need much else to create these adorable and colorful jars.
Place the finished jars onto a table as part of a centerpiece, or fill them with small ornaments, twinkle lights or pine cones and line them up on the mantel. You don't have to know how to crochet or knit for this simple jute DIY project.
- 8 24-inch lengths of jute
- Ruler or yardstick
- Scissors
- Mason jar
- Additional jute to fit around the opening and bottom of the jar
- Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
1. Wrap a piece of jute around the top of the jar (with the lid off) and trim it to fit, leaving a few inches of excess jute. Remove it and lay it flat on the work surface. This will be the anchor piece for the other jute pieces.
2. Grab the eight pieces of jute and knot them onto the anchor piece, ensuring they're evenly spaced along its length. Use a basic knot in which you fold the jute in half, place it under the anchor length of jute, and pull the ends through the loop on the other end to secure the jute to the anchor piece. Pull the knot to secure it. Do this with all eight pieces.
3. Hot glue the anchor piece to the outside of the jar around its opening, so the eight pieces you looped on are hanging down around the jar.
4. Using the same knotting technique, create knots about every half inch or so, creating a diamond pattern until you reach the bottom of the jar.
5. Measure the bottom of the jar and cut off a piece of jute to fit it. Use the excess jute from the knots at the bottom to secure this bottom anchor jute to those knots, all the way around. After each knot, use hot glue to secure that knot to the jar. Once you're done, use scissors to trim the excess jute.
6. Complete the project by using the rest of the jute to wrap around the rim of the jar. Start at the top and hot glue the jute to the jar top as you go, pressing it firmly to ensure that it's secure. Once you've finished, trim any excess jute.
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