5+ DIY projects made with log slices

Wood is one of the best natural environments to incorporate into your home decor. It's sturdy and durable, which not only makes for long-lasting products, but also adds some weight to the home. That weight creates a sense of stability that evokes comfort and safety in the space. The organic nature of wood also brings that earth element into the home, adding feelings of coziness and warmth.
You don't have to work with huge logs in order to get this effect. In fact, you can use lightweight log slices to craft projects that bring the benefits of wood into the serenity of your home. The five projects shown here also work with imagery from nature, turning those log slices into woodland creatures. These are perfect for nurseries and other children's rooms but work well in dens, living rooms, and kitchens as well. If you want that natural feeling in your home, along with the whimsy of the animal world, then these projects should spark your imagination.
How to make a wood slice bear
The bear is the quintessential symbol of the woods. When you think about camping, you think about the possibility of encountering a bear. Of course, that idea might be scary for some, but this adorable log slice bear won't evoke any fear. In contrast, this craft brings out the fun of forest-themed decor. Interestingly, you'll cover the main portion of the bear with felt, so that you don't see the log slices. Then you'll add smaller log slices to make the ears and snout. The effect is striking because you get the craftiness of felt alongside the natural strength of wood. This design is perfect for any room and also works well as decor for camping-themed parties. Get the tutorial here.
How to make an Easter chick coaster
Wood log slices are the perfect material for crafting coasters. They are the right size and don't get damaged easily. By adding a design on top of the wood slice, you can create a coaster themed to any season or event. In this case, you can learn to make a baby chick coaster. It's great for Easter decorating, but it's something that works as decor throughout the spring. You can also use these at baby showers or a child's first birthday party, so the design is more versatile than you might think at first glance. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a wood slice owl
Owls represent the wisdom of the natural world. As we get increasingly out of touch with that thanks to our digitally-focused lives, we can benefit from reminders of nature's importance. Place this wood slice owl prominently near your computer screen or television to serve as that reminder to get outside and bathe in nature. Of course, owls are also great in libraries – or anywhere that you have a reading nook. This project is easy to make with just a little bit of felt and glue. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a wood slice deer
If there is any animal that competes with the bear as a symbol of the forest, then it's certainly the deer. However, where the bear symbolizes strength and primal instinct, the deer symbolizes spiritual growth. If you have a room where you practice prayer, meditation, or spiritual creativity then you could enhance that by decorating it with these wood slice deer. You might also want to bring this craft out at Christmas-time since the reindeer is such a symbol of that particular holiday. As with the other crafts here, you can complete this project quickly with just scissors, felt, glue and your log slices. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a wood slice cat
Not every creature that you make out of log slices has to be a creature found in the woods. You can represent your favorite domestic animal with these projects as well. For example, you can make this cute kitty. Play around with color placement of the felt in order to create your own unique version of this cat. This one has one brown ear, one white ear and a brown spot on the right side of the face, whereas yours might have black and white spots or streaks of orange. You might even want to try to represent a favorite cat from your own life through this project. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a wood slice monkey
Monkeys symbolize playfulness and mischief. Therefore monkey decor brings delight to any room or gathering. This project is particularly perfect for children's rooms. Like with the bear craft above, this monkey uses several sizes of log slices to create the ears and face. You get the opportunity to really see the natural wood shine through. Get the tutorial here.

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