How to make a wreath with styrofoam balls

Wreaths are a staple holiday decor item, but they're often too expensive to buy in stores. Why not get your creative juices flowing and fashion a stunning wreath out of inexpensive items such as Styrofoam balls, glitter and yarn? Paired with gold ribbon, this wreath is bright and cheerful, making it an optimal piece for the holidays.
Ideal for adding a festive look to your front door, above a fireplace or on a bare wall, this wreath is also customizable. While red and green are a classic Christmas color combination, swap these colors for any colors that match your existing holiday decor.
- Green glitter
- Bowl
- Gloves
- Styrofoam balls of different sizes
- Spray adhesive
- Red glitter
- Red yarn
- Hot-glue gun
- Scissors
- Gray yarn
- Brown yarn
- Wooden wreath ring
- Sparkly gold ribbon
- Burlap ribbon
- Red velvet ribbon
1. After you put on gloves to protect your hands for this project, pour the green glitter into a bowl.
2. Apply spray adhesive to a Styrofoam ball, then roll the ball around in the bowl of green glitter until it is coated.
3. Repeat step 2 on approximately 5 more Styrofoam balls of varying sizes.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 again, this time using red glitter.
5. Apply a drop of hot glue to a Styrofoam ball, then press the end of the red yarn into the hot glue.
6. Wrap the red yarn around the Styrofoam ball in varying directions until it is completely covered in yarn.
7. Repeat step 6 using the red, brown and gray yarn, until you have approximately 12 balls of varying sizes covered in yarn.
8. Glue the end of the gold ribbon onto the wreath ring using hot glue.
9. Wrap the gold ribbon around the wreath ring until approximately half of the ring is covered.
10. Glue the end of the gold ribbon to the backside of the wreath ring using hot glue.
11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 on the other half of the wreath ring, this time using burlap ribbon. Cut off any excess ribbon using scissors.
12. Glue the yarn balls on top of the burlap ribbon on the the wreath ring.
13. Glue the glitter balls on top of the yarn balls and along the edges of the wreath ring.
14. Loop velvet ribbon around the top of the wreath ring to create a hanger for the wreath.
15. Hang on an empty wall or door.
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