How to make a holiday candle with a mason jar

The holidays are a fun and festive time of year where laughter, love and creativity collide. Where these three factors thrive, food and decoration follow closely behind. With all the delicious holiday dishes and treats on the culinary horizon, you might not even realize you already have exactly what you need to make your holiday glow even more brightly this season!
Candles keep your holiday ambiance cozy and can also be the perfect way to give simple holiday favorites new life. This DIY project takes a tasty turn as you combine peppermint candies with multipurpose mason jars to craft a charming holiday candle. Adding a touch of peppermint oil to your creative candle allows for a delicious scent to accompany the warm glow.
- 24 peppermint candies
- Mason jar
- Hot-glue gun
- Candle wick
- Centering tab or clothes pin
- Soy wax flakes (two mason jars full)
- Peppermint essential oil (30 drops)
- Beaker
-Hot plate
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1. Using a hot-glue gun, place one large circle of glue on the back of a peppermint candy.
2. Carefully place the glue side of the peppermint onto the inside glass wall of the mason jar, starting toward the bottom. Press to hold.
3. Continue gluing, adding up to 24 peppermints to the inside of the jar using a circular pattern that works its way up toward the top.
4. Stop when you have completed lining the jar with peppermints and all are attached firmly.
5. Use a hot-glue gun to place a small amount of glue onto the bottom of the candle wick.
6. Gently place the wick on the bottom of the mason jar, and press down to hold.
7. Use a centering tab to keep the wick centered within the jar. A clothes pin can be substituted here if needed.
8. Measure out two mason jars worth of soy wax flakes, and combine the flakes in a heat-resistant beaker.
9. Melt down the wax flakes in the beaker on top of the hot plate.
10. Once melted, add 30 drops of peppermint essential oil wax to the mixture (optional).
11. Carefully pour the melted wax from the beaker into the mason jar.
12. Wait for the candle to fully cool and set solid.
13. Feel free to light your candle and display.