7+ carnival crafts that are sure to make your party a hit

Most people regress to their childhood when they attend a carnival or fair, so a carnival-themed party is a great way to bring out giggles and silliness. It's also a perfect theme for a child's gathering.
The projects below add to the merriment without introducing alcohol or unfunny clowns. They're also inexpensive, so you don't have to break the bank renting popcorn machines.
Carnival party photo booth sticks
Whether you rented a photo booth for your party or have someone on standby to take a bunch of pictures, these silly decorations for faces bring a lighthearted, childlike atmosphere to your carnival party.
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You may use any felt color you want for this project, but the felt should be stiff enough to not flop in the air. Make a variety of mustaches and lips ahead of time, or have the guests make their own when they arrive. If you don't have a long, thin craft stick, the video below shows you an alternative.
Carnival themed mask
These cute face masks are great for both kids and adults and can even double as costumes when Halloween comes around.
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Stiff felt, scissors, elastic and hot glue are all you need to make this craft. It you want to add details, sketch out your design on paper ahead of time so you can adjust as desired. The tutorial below instructs you on how to make an elephant mask, complete with added details for realism.
Giant popcorn
Do you know anyone who just bought a large appliance? Ask if you may snag the box. Covered with striped fabric and a felt sign, this project is great for adding color to a backyard or park carnival party. Weighted balloons filled with helium mimic popcorn. If you don't have access to helium, you can blow air into the balloons, but you will have to do a lot so you can fill the entire box.
Bubble station
Dollar stores are great locations to find inexpensive packs of bubble containers. Purchase a variety of bubble wands and bottles and a few large bottles of bubble solution. You also can make your own solution with dish soap, water and glycerin. A drink dispenser makes refilling the smaller bottles a breeze.
Carnival cutout cookies
Getting the correct cookie cutters ahead of time is a lot easier than free-handing it, but if you don't have appropriate cookie cutters, tickets are an easy and quick shape to cut out with a knife.
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The beauty of this project is that you can use any cutout cookie recipe you like, so if you want chocolate sugar cookies or almond-flavor munchies, go for it. This video shows you how to decorate the cooled cookies with icing for a professional look.
Carnival themed balloon dart game
A wide wood plank is the backing for this balloon dart game. Since you need sharp darts to pop the balloons, make sure your guests know the safety rules before playing.
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You may paint the wood in any pattern you'd like, but keep in mind that the plank will be vertical when finished. You (or an assistant) also need to know how to use a power drill for this craft. This tutorial shows exactly which tools you need to complete this project.
Pin the snake on the charmer game
This alternative to Pin the Tail on the Donkey does require artistic talent if you're a perfectionist, but if you don't care how silly your snake charmer looks, don't worry if you only excel at drawing stick figures.
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When done exactly as shown in the video below, this party game looks fantastic and is a great substitute for the traditional donkey. It requires a lot of parts, and this tutorial walks you through all the steps necessary to make a proportionate snake charmer.