7+ decorations for a carnival-themed party that you can make yourself

If you're looking to bring the carnival fun indoors or you just want some extra decorations in the backyard, these projects are easy to do. A ring toss doubles as a drink station, and cutting patterned cardstock results in a colorful banner.
Some of these projects take longer than others, but all of them take less than an hour, leaving you plenty of time to plan and set up the rest of the party.
Carnival party pom cluster
Tulle for everyone! With the help of a cardboard circle, create these tulle pom poms and tie them anywhere you want to add some color. Use any color combination suiting the carnival theme.
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Are you wondering where to buy a cardboard circle? Don't worry. The tutorial below shows you how to make one without special equipment. You will need a lot of wide tulle for just one pom pom, so if you are planning to make more than two, stock up on the tulle.
Popcorn bucket party favors
Filled popcorn boxes are perfect as party favors for a carnival-themed gathering. Whether plastic or cardboard, you often can find these at dollar stores. Fill them with whatever you want, but if you want them to be related to the theme, stick to things with bright colors, candy and silly items such as Silly Putty or rubber ducks.
DIY ring toss game
As your guests are mingling and wandering around the yard, provide them with a bonus refreshment station that also is a ring toss game. Only use glass bottles that have a long, narrow neck. Remember to refresh the game if someone removes a beverage. Make it kid-friendly with just soda, or add cold beer for adults.
Pennant garland out of cardstock
Colorful cardstock brightens both the indoors and outdoors when made into a banner. Drape it along stair railings, or tape it to doorways, decks or walls.
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Make the triangles any size you'd like, and mix and match sizes if you want a less uniformed look. Any patterns are fine, and if you've fallen in love with one specific pattern, go ahead and make the banner triangles the same. The video below demonstrates how to attach the cardstock to the string or twine so nothing falls off.
Carnival themed sign with cardboard
If you are planning to have things spread out or you want to add games and events to your carnival party, create some signs pointing the way. Use removable poster tape or foam to adhere the arrows to walls if you don't want to make the post.
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If you don't want to damage your walls or the party is outside, the tutorial below shows you how to create a freestanding "pole" on which to stick the directional signs. Top the pole with a cardboard big top and flag.
Carnival themed table topper
Forget bulky flowers or balloons that bop people in their faces. This table topper is perfect to draw attention to your table.
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This topper is made of cardboard, so it needs to be modified so it will stand up without leaning on anything. The video below shows what to do to make it freestanding. The tutorial uses red and white paint, but you may paint it any color scheme you'd like.
Table skirt from ribbon
Turn round tables into tents (or giant peppermints) with a plethora of ribbon. This is just for decoration and should not be used in lieu of a tablecloth.
DIY Everywhere
You may make the ribbons as long or short as you want, and use any color scheme. The tutorial provides instruction on how to keep the ribbons together without taping them to the table and potentially leaving marks.