7+ easy woodworking projects for beginners that actually serve a purpose

Get inspired and attempt one or several of these woodworking projects. Create something modern, such as a cell phone holder, or something that's been useful for years, such as a bathtub caddy or blanket ladder. Choose stain colors that complement home decor, or use clear-coat for a natural wood look.
The woodworking ideas outlined below offer instructions available to woodworkers of all skill levels. With access to a table saw or chop saw, a woodworker can make one or all of these projects. Watch the videos below to for detailed instructions that help woodworkers create projects from start to finish.
Sofa armrest sleeve
Call it a couch arm table or a sofa armrest sleeve, but its function remains the same. The wood sleeve fits over the arm of the couch and acts as a tray to hold beverages, snacks and accessories. The tray is small and compact, preventing it from getting in the way of seating. Watch the video tutorial here.
Ladder for blankets
Select a blanket from the first, second, third or fourth rung of this blanket ladder. The ladder offers both style and functionality, holding four different quilts or blankets at one time. Fashioned from wood, this ladder is an accessory that offers rustic charm to your home decor.
Chevron arrows
A successor of the Standard Oil Corporation, Chevron's arrow has become an iconic feature in pop culture. The arrows, often displayed as weathered wood, feature a herringbone pattern. The pattern is named as such because it resembles the bones of a fish.
Bathtub caddy
What's a bubble bath without a little candle light and entertainment? A wood bathtub caddy provides a dry place to hold candles, phones and accessories while bathing. The wood surface rests on the top of the tub, while smaller pieces of wood beneath the surface hold the caddy in place. Watch the video tutorial here.
Cellphone dock
Combining style and functionality, this unique cellphone dock is crafted from wood. Stain the wood any color to match your home's decor. A fine way to display workmanship and watch videos on a cellphone, this dock will become a favorite home accessory. Watch the instructional video here.
Simple coat rack
Looking for a woodworking project for a beginner? This simple coat rack is perfect for the novice and offers a functional finished product. Brush up your woodworking skills or learn how to use basic woodworking tools to create this project.
Simple potted plant shelf
Check out this wood shelf that offers ample space for small accessories and way to show off greenery. The unique appeal of this shelf is the hole cut into it, providing a designated spot for a potted plant. Hang the shelf near a window in any room to ensure the plant gets plenty of sunlight. Watch the video tutorial here.
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