How to make a holiday lantern with a mason jar

Mason jars have an abundance of uses these days, from everyday dishware to containers. They're the center stage for creative craft ideas. With the holidays fast approaching, isn’t it a wonderful idea to create your own decorations using these versatile jars?
This holiday lantern mason jar is the ideal craft to display in your home for a festive touch or perfect as a lovely gift for someone to enjoy. Read on to see just how easy and fun it is to create this DIY holiday lantern for your holiday season.
- Mason jar
- Paper for snowflake
- Scissors
- Painters tape
- Wire
- Wire cutters
- Pliers
- Frosted glass spray
- Ribbon
- Hot-glue gun
- Candle
1. First, take the paper for the snowflake and fold and cut into a snowflake shape. Make sure the snowflake fits the face of the mason jar. Remove the mouth cap from the mason jar. Then using the painter’s tape, tape the back edges of the snowflake onto the center face of your mason jar.
2. Spray frosted glass spray across the snowflake template. Be sure to spray around the edges of the paper snowflake and the complete jar. Let the mason jar dry, and then carefully remove the snowflake template.
3. Take the wire and wrap the wire twice around the neck of the mason jar. Cut the extra wire with wire cutters. With the remaining wire, create a handle by shaping a notch in the middle and then wrapping the ends around the wire that is around the neck of the jar, securing the wire ends with a twist. Use pliers to help secure the ends of the neck wire with several twists, and cut off any excess wire.
4. Remove the center mouth of the mason jar cap. Take the ribbon and hot glue one end to the side of the cap, then wrap the ribbon along the remaining cap. Cut off the excess ribbon and seal the remaining end with hot glue.
5. For your remaining step, simply place a candle within the mason jar and there you have it — a lovely holiday lantern mason jar. Place it on a mantle or side table for an extra touch of holiday spirit.
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