7+ incredible macrame projects suitable for any home

Popular during Victorian times, the art of macrame made a major comeback in the 1970s, with crafters creating bedspreads, plant holders, wall hangings and other items out of cord. Like all fads, it faded into obscurity in the 1980s. However, macrame recently has gone through a resurgence, gaining back some of its former popularity.
Macrame uses knots and weaving to create patterns without the use of machines or tools. These projects will look good in any home, and many are suitable for beginner macrame crafters.
Macrame wall hanging with driftwood
Bring a little bit of the ocean into the home with this macrame and driftwood wall hanging. Purchase fake driftwood at a craft store or an aquarium store.
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The tricolor design evokes the colors of the sky, seashells and other elements of the ocean, but any color scheme is fine. Choose colors that complement the room's decor or contrast with a main furniture piece. For those new to macrame, the tutorial below demonstrates how to knot the cord to create a pattern.
Macrame plant hanger
No shelves near a window? Perhaps the cat or dog likes to nibble on greenery? Make a hanging plant holder to hold a small plant near a window and out of reach.
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The video below shows how to create a two-toned hanger with a knotted top secure enough to hang from a ceiling hook. How much weight the plant hanger can hold depends on the hook size and the strength of the holder's base. The holder can hold more weight if the ceiling hook is larger and screwed into a beam, and if the holder's base is thicker and stiff.
Macrame shelf
It may look like a tree swing, but this project is a hanging shelf. It is designed for holding decorative items, and the load should be balanced so the shelf doesn't tilt and lose everything.
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Solid wood is the base for the shelf and it needs to have two long, thin pieces cut out of it on either end for the macrame parts to attach. A wood cutting board with handles on each end would work nicely. Watch the video below to learn how to create the macrame pattern.
Macrame grocery tote
This reusable tote replaces all those plastic bags in the grocery store's produce section. It also doubles as a produce holder in the kitchen.
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Use thick cord to make this tote so it holds the weight of whatever goes in. The video below shows how to make the bottom and top knots strong so they won't undo in the middle of a shopping trip.
Macrame-covered milk bottles
Add a touch of elegance to a living room or enclosed porch with this decorative craft that hangs from the ceiling. It also may hang from a bookshelf as long as the shelves are spaced a distance apart.
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This project is a bit messy. Stock up on disposable gloves, as this tutorial demonstrates how to dye white cord. If glass milk bottles are not available, use clean and dry glass juice bottles.
Macrame key chain
Bright colors on a key chain help grab the attention of an owner looking for misplaced keys. This is a quick project and one that is easy enough for beginners.
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Use any two colors to create a key chain that complements a purse, belt, messenger bag or whatever else on which you want to hang keys. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to attach the cord to the clasp.
Macrame mason jar
Embellish clean mason jars with macrame sheaths made in the colors of the season. Red and green are lovely for Christmas as are blue and white for Hannukah, and orange and green for Halloween.
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These mason jars are decorative on their own, or add battery-operated tealights for ambiance. They may seem complicated to make, but as the tutorial below shows, this project only requires knotting, not weaving.

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