How to make a carnival-themed mask out of felt

Masks are one of the easiest ways to dramatically change your look. They are perfect for a carnival, Halloween parties and nearly any costumed event. Of course they are also affordable. More importantly, masks can easily be worn and removed, so you can adjust as needed during an event.
These masks are created with felt, which means they're particularly comfortable no matter the age of the wearer. Additionally, felt is a low-cost, durable material. The elephant symbolizes strength and wisdom. The tiger represents powerful energy. Both carnival masks evoke the fun of the season.
- Felt in light gray, dark gray and white
- Black permanent marker
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Elastic 3/4 inch wide and 7 or 8 inches long
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1. Lay out a rectangle of light gray felt so it's flat. Fold it in half so the short sides are touching.
2. Use permanent marker to draw half of the elephant head, with the center located on the folded line.
3. Cut out the shape that you have drawn. Open the felt at the fold to show a symmetrical elephant head.
4. Draw the shape of the elephant trunk on to the dark gray felt using the marker. The trunk is wider at the top and narrow at the base. Draw it so the tip of the trunk curls up to the left. Cut out the trunk with scissors.
5. Apply hot glue to the top third of the trunk. Press it into place at the bottom center of the elephant head.
6. Place two small pieces of white felt on top of one another. Draw the shape of a tusk on the top piece. Cut out the shape so you have two identical tusks.
7. Apply hot glue to the white felt tusks. Adhere them to the elephant face, with one on either side of the trunk. The top of each tusk should be slightly below the top of the trunk. The bottom of each tusk should curve away from the trunk.
8. Place two small pieces of dark gray felt on top of one another. Draw the shape of the inner ear, which looks like a three-petaled leaf. Cut out the shape so you have two identical inner ear felt pieces.
9. Attach the felt ears to the center of either side of the elephant head with hot glue.
10. Draw circles for the eyes directly onto the gray felt where the eyes of the mask should be. They are placed above the trunk, between the ears but slightly lower than the ears. Cut out the circles.
11. Turn over the mask so you're working on the back side. Attach the elastic band to the back of the mask, adhering one end to either side across the center of the mask, just below the eye holes. (Be sure to leave some slack in the elastic so it can slide over your head.)

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