How to make a carnival-themed table topper out of cardboard

If you're planning to go all-out when decorating for a carnival-themed party, add this craft to the to-do list. The project in this tutorial is used as a table topper, but you may place it anywhere, such as on a coffee table or on the kitchen counter.
The color scheme matches the table skirt, but you may use any color scheme, such as primary colors red, blue, yellow and green. Just make sure they're bright, as fun colors can make guests feel like kids again -- which is the whole point of a carnival.
- 2 large pieces of corrugated cardboard, at least 24 inches high by 18 inches wide
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Cutting mat
- Craft or utility knife
- Red and white craft paint
- Artist’s paintbrush
- Paint palette or something on which to put paint
- Scissors
- Cardstock
- Marker
- Thin wood dowel, 6 inches long
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue
- Circular object such as a bowl, 5 inches in diameter
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1. Measure 2 inches down and 5 inches in from one side of the large piece of cardboard and make a mark.
2. Draw a vertical line at that 5-inch mark from the top of the cardboard to the bottom.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from the opposite side of the cardboard.
4. Draw a horizontal line from the 5-inch mark on the left to the 5-inch mark on the right, connecting the two vertical lines.
5. Place the cardboard on a cutting mat.
6. Cut out along the inside lines as if you were cutting out a tall doorway. Set aside the cut-out piece.
7. Squeeze red and white paint onto the palette. Vertically paint alternating color stripes of any width on the remaining piece. Let it dry.
8. On the cut-out (placed horizontally), sketch the top of the tent. The top should start at the middle top of the cardboard. Sweep down like a hill on each side to the bottom endpoints.
9. Cut out the shape.
10. Paint it red and let it dry.
11. Draw a flag shape at least 8 inches wide on the cardstock and cut it out.
12. Glue the left vertical edge onto the small dowel.
13. Glue the bottom 2 inches of the dowel to the back of the top point of the tent top.
14. Place the circular object on top of the small piece of cardboard and trace around it.
15. Cut out the circle, and cut it in half. Turn each half so the straight edge is on top.
16. Find the center of the rounded rim and cut a 1 -1/2-inch slit going upward. Do this for each half.
17. Glue the tent top along the width of the top of the large cardboard.
18. Find the centers of the two bottoms of the table topper’s legs. Cut an upward slit 1-1/2 inches long.
19. Turning the half circles so they are perpendicular to the legs, with the rounded rim up, slide the slits into the ones in the legs. This makes stands for the legs.