How to make a pennant garland out of cardstock

Partying is serious business – especially because the cost of decorations can easily break the bank. Although most pennant garland and banners look fancy in the package, many decorations are made from paper and cardstock. People can save a lot of money by making these types of decorations instead of buying them.
Pennant garland is one of the easiest decorations to make at home. Start with a sample triangle for the pennant. If it looks good, stack several sheets of cardstock paper to cut out multiple triangles at one time. Mix and match colors and patterns of cardstock for a whimsical look, or choose a particular theme or pattern to give the garland a more uniform appearance.
- Ruler
- Magic marker
- Scissors
- Cardstock paper in various patterns and colors
- Red bakers twine
- Hot glue gun
- Glue stick
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1. Place a piece of pattern cardstock on a flat surface.
2. Lay a ruler horizontally across the top of the cardstock.
3. Draw a line across the bottom of the ruler to mark 4 inches.
4. Flip the ruler vertically, lining it up with the line drawn in Step 3 and making a mark in the center about 5 inches down.
5. Angle the ruler to connect the left side of the top line to the mark you just drew, making the left side of an upside-down triangle. Draw a line along the ruler.
6. Move the ruler to the right side of the line drawn in Step 3 and angle it to connect the right side of the line to the center mark.
7. Angle the ruler, shifting the bottom of the ruler to the left side to make the right side of an upside-down triangle. Draw a line across the bottom of the ruler.
8. Cut out the triangle.
9. Stack sheets of cardstock to create multiple triangles for the garland.
10. Cut a length of red bakers twine from the roll; consider the length of pennant garland required for a wall, railing or arch prior to cutting the twine.
11. Squeeze a horizontal line of glue across the back of the triangle. The glue should run across the 4-inch side of the triangle.
12. Lay the twine across the glue, leaving a little excess twine. The extra length can be used to tie the garland to a nail or fixed object.
13. Continue gluing triangles to the twine, leaving approximately 4 inches between each triangle, to complete the pennant garland.

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