How to make a Pin the Snake on the Charmer game

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a fun party game you likely grew up with, and staring at another donkey on the wall might make you want to fall asleep. This project updates the game, allowing for more than one winner – which will make kids very happy.
Before starting this project, be advised that it does require a little artistic talent if you want it to turn out exactly as shown. But if you and your guests have senses of humor, don't worry if the final result looks a little like a Picasso painting.
- Cardstock or poster board
- Scrapbooking paper, at least four different patterns, 12x12
- Markers, black and one additional color
- Scissors
- Hot-glue gun
- Hot glue
- Ribbon, 1/4 inch wide
- Beads
- Tweezers
- Tasseled ribbon, 1-1/2 inches wide
- Lace ribbon, 1/4 or 1/2 inches wide
- Check necklace with a small pendant or charm
- Clear tape
DIY Everywhere
1. On a piece of scrapbook paper, draw the outline of hair (about 5 inches across at its widest point), with a scraggly “U” shape line connecting the bottom points of each hair tip on the sides.
2. Cut around the outline.
3. On cardstock or poster board, draw the shape of the head with a neck attached. The head should be 1/2 inch smaller in width than the hair outline.
4. Draw a “J”-shaped line where the chin and jawline would be.
5. Place the hair outline on the head.
6. Sketch out where the face would be seen through the hair and cut out the area. You want to see the top and sides of the scrapbook paper hair.
7. Glue the hair to the top of the head.
8. Cut off 6 inches of the 1/4-inch ribbon.
9. Place it across the lower forehead to look like a blindfold and glue it into place. Trim off excess ribbon.
10. Pick out and glue beads across the ribbon for decoration. Use tweezers to handle the beads. Let it dry.
11. Draw and fill in lips with the colored marker.
12. Take a new sheet of scrapbook paper. This will be shaped as the shoulders, chest and rib cage. Starting at the top left corner, cut a thin strip at a very slight downward angle to the right side of the paper.
13. If you want, cut out a shallow half circle 1-1/2 inches in from the top left corner to mimic a dip when an arm is raised.
14. Starting with the top left corner, cut downward, shaping the paper like a flared vase with a rounded bottom. It should narrow as you move toward the base.
15. Center the neck behind the top of the paper. Raise it so only a little remains behind the “shirt” and glue it down.
16. On another sheet of scrapbook paper, cut out a ruffled collar shape for the collar.
17. Adhere the collar to the shirt, just overlapping where the neck meets the shirt.
18. To do the arms, place a long rectangle of cardstock or poster board at least 6 inches wide under each side of the shirt where the arms will go. Angle the rectangles upward.
19. Draw arms extending from the shirt’s edge. The arms should look as if they are being raised with palms out to hold the snakes.
20. Cut out the arms, adding 2 inches to the base where the shirt meets.
21. Adhere the arms 2 inches in under the shirt paper.
22. Using cardstock, sketch what will be the stomach and waist. When you cut it out, add 1/2 inch to both the top and bottom (this is where you will glue things). The top width should match the bottom width of the shirt. If it looks too wide, narrow the shirt.
23. Draw a belly button, and cut out very slight indentations on both sides to make the waist.
24. Glue the belly just under the back of the shirt’s bottom.
25. To make the long skirt, outline it on scrapbook paper. It should look like a narrow upside-down bell with a flat top. The width of the skirt’s top should match the width of the belly piece’s bottom.
26. Adhere the skirt just under the belly button.
27. For the scarf wrap, place the project on top of fresh scrapbook paper. Slide the paper down until the top edge lines up under the top edge of the skirt.
28. Trace along the sides of the skirt and cut along the marks.
29. At the top right corner, cut a slight half-moon curve to the left side.
30. Beginning 2 inches down on the right side, cut toward the left side in a slight arc.
31. Adhere the wrap to the skirt.
32. Take fringe ribbon, cut it to the length of the scarf wrap and glue it to the curved length of the scarf.
33. Glue lace trim along the shirt’s bottom, cutting off excess.
34. Put the necklace on the snake charmer.
35. Draw large squiggly snakes on scrapbook paper and cut them out.
36. Use rolled up or double-sided tape on the snakes when you’re ready to play.

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