How to plan your party menu well

It can be hard to plan a menu around more than one person, especially if that person is a picky eater or has special dietary concerns. Think carefully about whom you wish to invite and determine if you can provide appropriate food for them. Some guests may have food allergies, be vegan or need to cut back on carbs and sugar because of diabetes.
Deciding on a theme for the party may help narrow down what types of food you want to serve. For example, a circus-themed party could involve a lot of sweet treats, but if you have a diabetic friend, you should provide other options.
- Paper and pen or a computer
- Contact information for all guests
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1. Contact all your invited guests and ask if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
2. Make a list of each person's food restrictions or preferences.
3. Decide on a theme for the party.
4. Determine which foods you want, then search out additional food that will fit within certain guests' dietary guidelines. Good ideas are fresh vegetables and gluten-free crackers.
5. Decide whether you will serve mixed drinks and cocktails. If you want an alcohol-free gathering, make a spritzer out of unflavored seltzer and fruit juice.

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