Cleaning is key before a party

Life can get busy, and sometimes it's hard to remember to clean or other stuff takes priority. After a while, you become used to how things look and may not notice the dust on higher shelves or the dirt accumulating along the bottom edges of the front door.
This video shows you how to clean your home before a gathering – because whether you notice the dust or not, your guests will be looking at your home with fresh eyes and may spot things you wished they hadn't.
- Dish soap
- Small garbage bags
- Broom and dustpan
- Vacuum cleaner
- Mop and bucket
- Clean rags or dust cloths
DIY Everywhere
1. Put away all unnecessary items on the kitchen counter, such as small appliances and dish soap. They can be put into a cabinet, under the sink or in a closet.
2. Wash any dishes that are in the sink. When they are dry, put them away.
3. Wipe down counters with a damp rag or sponge.
4. Empty any garbage cans guests might use, such as those in the kitchen and bathroom.
5. Sweep hardwood floors and vacuum carpets, including small area rugs.
6. Damp mop the hardwood floor if it still looks dirty.
7. Mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.
8. Dust shelves, side tables and any other surface collecting dust.

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