Keep table decor simple

When you have a small table, it's best not to clutter it with serving dishes and "extra" utensils such as fish forks and salad knives. A regular fork, knife and soup spoon (if you're serving soup) are sufficient. You also don't need giant centerpieces that crowd guests and make it hard to see one another across the table.
Setting the table in a simple style gives the overall appearance of more space and decreases the risk of someone knocking over a glass while trying to reach around it to get to the mashed potatoes.
- Coordinating plastic utensils and napkins
- Heavy-duty paper plates
- Drinking glasses
- Plant such as a small succulent
- Single-stem vase
- Fake flower
DIY Everywhere
1. Put a plate at each place setting.
2. Place one napkin to the right of each plate. Leave the napkin open or bring the top left corner to the bottom right corner to make a triangle. Arrange so the longest edge is parallel to the plate.
3. Set cutlery side by side on each napkin. The knife blade's cutting edge should face the plate.
4. Place drinking glasses to the upper right of the plates.
5. Put the plant in the center of the table with the flower in the vase next to it.

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