Use all your counter space effectively

Even if you don't have a small space and need to use the kitchen counter as a table, many guests like to hang around the kitchen. Without planning it, your counter top becomes a place to hold drinks, plates and extra food as friends and family set things down while they talk.
This tutorial demonstrates how to maximize counter space and use it as an additional table when needed. This video uses disposable plates and utensils, but you may use washable or biodegradable items for a more eco-friendly gathering.
-Cleaning supplies such as disinfecting wipes or a clean sponge and surface cleaner
-Small baskets and jars
-Decorating materials such a paint, ribbon and stickers (optional)
-Plastic utensils and small napkins
-Plates and cups
DIY Everywhere
1. Put away all small appliances such as blenders or coffee grinders that are on the counter.
2. Using the cleaning supplies, wipe down the counter surface.
3. Decorate any jars, baskets or cups you will be using to hold utensils and napkins. This step is optional.
4. Place utensils and napkins in small baskets or jars.
5. Arrange plates and the jars and baskets in a scattered formation. Place the plates in front, with the jars and baskets staggered behind them. Do not put everything in a straight line as that takes up more space.

It's easy to allow your pantry to get cluttered behind closed doors. But with this clever trick, you'll be craving a fresh start in your cupboards.
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I'd love this in my backyard.
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