How to make a ribbon bobby pin

Feminine, festive and fun, a bow seems to make everything look new and exciting. When used as a hair accessory, bows draw attention to new hairstyles and outfits. And because ribbon comes in so many different colors and patterns, the sky's the limit when it comes to crafting different styles of bows.
For this particular craft, learn how to use satin ribbon to dress up a plain bobby pin. Create a ribbon bobby pin with craft supplies that you may already have. Add different colors and styles of adhesive jewels to personalize each bobby pin.
- Roll of satin ribbon, 6mm wide
- Scissors
- Hot-glue gun
- Glue stick
- Adhesive jewel
- Bobby pin
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1. Cut approximately 5 inches of ribbon from the roll with scissors.
2. Cut the ribbon in half, and set one half aside.
3. Squeeze hot glue in the center of the ribbon.
4. Fold over one half and press it firmly against the glue.
5. Squeeze hot glue on the end of the ribbon that was just pressed onto the glue.
6. Fold the loose end of the ribbon onto the glue. The ribbon should now have the appearance of two loops and start to resemble a bow.
7. Tie a knot in the center of the other piece of ribbon.
8. Squeeze glue on the knot and press it behind the ribbon with two loops from Step 6.
9. Cut a small 1/2-inch length of ribbon from the roll.
10. Wrap the small piece of ribbon around the center of the two loops from Step 6. Remove excess ribbon with a scissor.
11. Glue the small piece of ribbon from Step 10 to the back of the loops from Step 6.
12. Cut out a small triangle from the centers of loose ends from each end of the knotted piece of ribbon in Step 7.
13. Squeeze hot glue on the flat pad of a bobby pin. Press the bobby pin against the back of the completed ribbon.
14. Stick a gem adhesive to the center of the bow.

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