How to make a table runner with fall leaves

When it comes to seasonal decor for the house, nothing creates a more comfortable vibe than pieces dedicated to the coziness of autumn. Warm hues highlighting reds, yellows and burnt oranges seamlessly transition an interior look from summer to fall. Creating a fall ambiance can be as simple as adding a runner to the dining room or kitchen table.
Crafting a table runner is a fun and easy way to add a personalized touch to a table. A few feet of burlap ribbon alongside some faux fall leaves bring an autumnal flair without requiring a sewing machine. A durable and seasonally specific accent piece, a table runner also creates a protective barrier for surfaces when holidays and plenty of visitors are just around the corner. Guests will love the idea that this charming table runner was hand-made with items from home.
- Wide burlap crafting ribbon
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Decorative crafting string
- Assortment of 26 faux fall leaves in different sizes and colors
- Four small sticks
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1. Cut three pieces of wide burlap crafting ribbon to approximately 6 feet long (or however long you want the runner to be).
2. Cut 10 pieces of wide burlap crafting ribbon about 2 feet long. Folding over a much longer piece of burlap ribbon at even points along the length and cutting at the fold can help keep the pieces equal.
3. Place the three long pieces of ribbon horizontally on a table so their long edges are touching.
4. Starting at the bottom right edge of the runner, weave a shorter piece of burlap ribbon over the bottom ribbon, under the middle ribbon and over the top ribbon. Hot glue the edges where the ribbon meets to secure.
5. Use a second short piece of ribbon to begin weaving directly to the left side of the first. This time, begin by weaving under the bottom ribbon, over the middle and under the top. Hot glue to attach at the edges.
6. Repeat opposite weaving techniques across the length of the runner from right to left until all short pieces of burlap ribbon have been used.
7. Put hot glue on the undersides where ribbon edges meet throughout the entirety of the table runner and allow to dry. Cut off excess ribbon as necessary.
8. Apply hot glue to the back side of several faux fall leaves and place one at a time along the shorter edges of the table runner, overlapping the leaves. It takes about 12 leaves to cover the edge from top to bottom. Glue one or two up the longer side for effect. Repeat this step for the second side of the runner.
9. Attach two small sticks to the middle of a faux leaf with hot glue.
10. Tie a small bow in a 6-inch piece of decorative crafting string and hot glue on top of the sticks. Press to hold and dry. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for a second faux leaf.
11. Cut a piece of decorative crafting string the length of the short edge of the table runner. Attach string as an edging line along the bottom of the attached leaves using a line of hot glue.
12. Repeat this process so decorative string edges all four sides of the table runner.
13. Apply hot glue to the back side of each of the two decorative leaves with small sticks in the center. Place one at each end of the runner in the middle of the decorative leaves. Let dry.
14. Place on the table with the decorative sides hanging opposite one another.

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