How to make a tassel pillow with yarn

A plain case can cover and protect the accent pillows that adorn couches and chairs, but why not kick up the decor factor a notch by incorporating a touch of tassel? Stylish, simple and easy to create, a tassel pillow can add a customized look to any room in the home. With nothing more than some yarn, scissors and a single needle, crafting a personalized pillow is a wonderful way to save on time while incorporating a stylish take on the common pillow case.
Tassels are a hassle-free way to amp up an accent pillow’s look and allow for a lot of creative direction. Stick with the red, white, pink and brown color scheme or feel free to pick a palette with bold hues to make a creative statement. Whatever colors make the cut, a tassel pillow is a comfortable and chic addition that’s sure to please!
- Red yarn
- Brown yarn
- Pink yarn
- White yarn
- Scissors
- Needle
- 1 plain accent pillowcase
- 1 accent pillow insert
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut a piece of red yarn to 10 inches long. Use this piece as a guide to cut about 40 identical pieces.
2. Bundle toether the 40 pieces of yarn and tie a knot in the center of the bundle using a single piece of yarn.
3. Allow the yarn halves to fold over each other so all ends are facing down in a tassel effect. Pull excess string from the center knot toward the top.
4.Cut an additional 10-inch piece of pink yarn and tie it around the tassel approximately 1 inch down from the top of the bundle. Cut away any excess yarn.
5. Cut 1 inch off the ends of the tassel to creat an even appearance.
6. Repeat this process four more times, crafting a total of five tassels including a white tassel, brown tassel and two pink tassels.
7. Lay the plain accent pillowcase on a flat surface with the side to decorate facing up.
8. Thread the excess yarn of the decorative pink tassel through the eye of a needle and thread the needle through the center front of the pillow case. Tie a knot on the pillow case’s interior and cut away excess yarn.
9. Similarly attach the remaining tassels, placing two at the top corners and two at the bottom corner of the pillowcase.
10. Insert the pillow into the case and display on the couch or an accent chair.