How to make a tassel basket with yarn

It doesn’t take much to give a simple home accent basket new life by adding a tassel or two. With some pastel-hued yarn and a pair of scissors, it’s possible to give a practical basket a glamorous upgrade. No need to break out the sewing machine as this DIY project requires nothing more than a needle to attach a crafty yarn tassel.
With a little time, a tassel basket with yarn is an easy and fun way to bring a pop of color into the home. Feel free to stick with a pretty palette of pastel yarn or mix it up with bold colors for a more dramatic statement piece. It’s never been more fun to highlight tassels in your decor!
- Pink yarn
- Green yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- White lace ribbon with tassel detailing
- Needle
- Solid color woven-cloth basket
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1. Cut a piece of pink yarn to 10 inches long. Use this piece as a guide to cut approximately 40 identical pieces.
2. Bundle the 40 pieces of yarn together and tie a knot in the center of the bundle using a single piece of yarn.
3. Allow the yarn halves to fold over each other so all ends are facing down in a tassel effect. Pull excess string from the center knot toward the top.
4. Cut an additional 10-inch piece of pink yarn and tied around the tassel approximately 1 inch down from the top of the bundle. Cut away any excess yarn.
5. Cut 1 inch off the ends of the tassel so they look even.
6. Repeat this process three more times, crafting an additional pink tassel and two green tassels.
7. Hot glue a decorative piece of white, lace ribbon with tassel detailing around the center circumference of the basket. (You can use any type of ribbon for this step).
8. Thread the excess yarn of one of the decorative, pink tassels through the eye of a needle and thread the needle through the woven basket near the top of the white ribbon. Tie a knot on the basket’s interior and cut away excess yarn.
9. Repeat this step on all four sides of the basket, alternating tassel colors for aesthetic appeal.