How to make tissue paper pom poms

There’s no need to break the bank at the nearest party store when it comes to adding fun accent items to your walls. Those vibrant pom poms that are so popular for celebrations make a great addition to any room year-round. Light weight, low cost and easy to change out with the season, tissue paper pom poms don’t take much time to create.
Intriguing to look at and adding a unique dimension to open space in a room, tissue paper pom poms come together in just a few steps. With some scissors, tissue paper and fishing line, it’s never been easier to add a pop of color into a decor scheme. While pink, yellow and orange keep the final product bright, this DIY project invites creative minds to mix and match hues and paper dimensions for a more dynamic and customized result.
- 4 sheets of 15-inch-x-20-inch pink tissue paper
- 4 sheets of 15-inch-x 20-inch yellow tissue paper
- 4 sheets of 15-inch-x-20-inch orange tissue paper
- Scissors
- Clear fishing line
DIY Everywhere
1. Stack four pieces of pink tissue paper so the edges are lined up evenly. Make sure each piece is completely unfolded.
2. Cut the entire stack down the middle from bottom to top creating two equal halves.
3. Fold one half over again so the edges meet. Cut the stack in half once more using the folded edge as a guide.
4. Repeat this process for a stack of four pieces of yellow tissue paper and four pieces of orange tissue paper respectively.
5. When all three colors of tissue paper have been cut, stack the squares of yellow and orange paper directly on top of the stack of pink squares. Make sure all edges are even, and turn the stack horizontally so the long edge is facing down.
6. Beginning at the long edge of the tissue paper stack, grab each end and fold gently over approximately 1 inch in width. Press the length of the fold to smooth.
7. Fold the same edge over again like a fan, this time moving toward the back of the stack in the opposite direction. Press the folded edge to smooth.
8. Continue fan-folding the long edges of the stack until the tissue paper runs out.
9. Carefully cut the sharp edges off one of the short sides of the fan-folded tissue paper to create a smooth, rounded end. Repeat on the other end of the fan.
10. Cut approximately 12 inches of clear fishing line, then tie a secure knot directly in the middle of the tissue fan using one end of the line. The excess line will be used to attach the final product to a wall hook.
11. Slowly pull the top, single piece of tissue paper away from the flattened stack and up toward the center. When pulled far enough, the tissue paper will stay in place both standing out and away from the center point where it is tied.
12. Repeat this process for each piece of tissue paper in the stack until all pieces are moved out and away from the center. This should create a full floral effect.
13. Fluff and manipulate the individual sheets of tissue paper to taste and style. Use excess thread to hang on the wall and admire on its own or alongside several other pom poms!