How to make a simple coat rack

Get turned off by the hooks and knobs seen on typical coat racks? Build a simple coat rack that's completely constructed from wood. For those who adore natural wood tones, simplicity and folk style, this coat rack will complement decor and provide functionality.
This woodworking project incorporates two different types of wood, resulting in an appealing and sturdy home accessory. Choose an oil-based finish that matches existing furniture or apply a clear coat for a more natural look. Once the project is complete, secure the coat rack to a wall or the back of a door.
- 4-foot piece of sapele wood
- 4-foot piece of white oak
- Measuring tape
- Pencil
- Table saw
- 5 mm drill bit
- 4 dowels
- Painter's tape
- Drill
- Sanding block
- 120 grit sandpaper
- Oil-based finish
- 2 clean cloths
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1. Place the sapele wood vertically. Measure the thickness of the sapele at 13/16 and mark the wood.
2. Place the sapele on the table saw and rip it at 13/16th to create square stock.
3. Place the white oak vertically. Measure the thickness at 2/3 and mark the wood.
4. Place the white oak on the table saw and rip it at 2/3.
5. Square up one end of the oak. Mark a measurement at 24 inches and cut the white oak.
6. Angle the blade to 30 degrees. Cut the sapele into 16-inch lengths with an angle on each end.
7. Set the angle to 90 degrees. Make a mark at 3 inches from the furthest point of the wood, and crosscut to the line.
8. Mark the white oak at 4 inches and 9 5/16 from each end.
8. Mark from the bottom of the board 1 1/2 inches and 1 1/16 inch.
9. Use a 5mm drill bit. Measure half the size of the dowel and set the depth by wrapping painter's tape around the bit. Only drill as deep as the tape.
10. Mark the holes on the coat block. Use a 1/8-inch thick ruler and pencil. Make a center line on the back of the coat block.
11. Drill a 5mm hole perpendicular to the angle cut. Drill the holes all the way through
12. Sand all visible sides. Smooth edges with a sanding block using 120-grit sandpaper.
13. Inset the dowels into the coat blocks.
14. Set the drill depth to match 1 1/4 inch screws
15. Pre-drill to ensure the coat blocks remain at 90 degrees.
16. Countersink the holes and screw the blocks to the wood.
17. Use a cloth to apply oil-based finished to the coat rack. Let it sink in for five minutes or so.
18. Use another cloth to wipe off any excess finish.

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