10+ creative DIY projects you can make with an old cereal box

Could there be a more easy-to-obtain craft supply than the cereal box? Not likely. Whether it’s plain old cornflakes or multihued, nutritionally questionable kids’ cereals, most people keep a couple of boxes of some type of dry cereal on hand. After their contents have been enjoyed, these boxes can be transformed into a diverse collection of useful – and beautiful – things, as opposed to being relegated to the recycle bin.
Several inherent features make cereal boxes ideal to use in all sorts of DIY projects: They’re easy to cut with scissors, fold and otherwise manipulate, lightweight and budget-friendly. Think magazine holder, a photo frame, three-dimensional wall art and even hanging mobile components. They can be covered with everything from contact paper to fabric. Or the fact that they are cereal boxes doesn’t have to be concealed – the bright colors and graphics – whether photos of overflowing cereal bowls or brand mascots on display, lend an op art playfulness to finished pieces.
Drawer organizer
As the decluttering movement has taken the world by storm, many realize they have abundant supplies of, well, everything. To make sense out of the chaos, a good organizational tool is a must. This drawer organizer employs cereal boxes and just a few other supplies to tame the wild junk drawer.
Cereal box gift tags
With patterned paper and luscious ribbons taking center stage for holiday gift wrapping, gift tags can emerge as a last-minute need on Christmas Eve. They are necessary, though, especially when family and friends clamor around the tree looking expectantly at temptingly wrapped gifts. These charming tags are quick-to-make and require only materials you most likely already have.
Mini-cereal box seed starters
The mini-cereal boxes that frequently grace the hotel breakfast buffet table also come in quite useful for craft projects. These cereal boxes happen to be perfect seed starters. Beginner and pro gardeners alike can harvest a 12-pack of these and start daydreaming, even in the dead of winter, about the beauty of their garden beds come spring.
Ingenious magazine organizers
Magazines are long-kept sources of inspiration, but they multiply quickly and eat up too much space. A simple cereal box craft allows magazine collectors to create attractive vessels for storing every one of their treasured issues. This craft allows for customization with covering color and pattern and addresses a pesky organizational challenge.
Decorative mini-wreaths
A cereal box, scissors, metallic spray paint and satin or grosgrain ribbon are all a crafter needs to fashion a diminutive holiday wreath. Endlessly variable, these wreaths can be grouped on a door for a sweet effect, hung separately on Christmas tree branches, or a single one can adorn each window on the house. This project is quick and the results are delightful.
Wall art wow
There a many ways cereal boxes can be recycled into elegant wall art. A simple creation consists of a box “canvas” covered in contact paper or fabric, or with more time and effort invested, a frame-worthy and sophisticated piece will be the end result. A cereal box collection may well be the main ingredient of a stunning gallery wall.
Happy globes
These cereal box globes are a fantastic combination: crazy simple to make and visually striking. If painted red and gold, they exude an elegant Asian vibe, whereas leaving them unadorned adds an undeniable touch of whimsy. When hung in groups from strings of varying lengths, they add interest to a hallway or staircase or brighten an office corner.
Pick up the pieces
Cereal box projects are effective for helping keep kids’ boredom at bay. One that they can create themselves, using just child-safe scissors, is a cereal box puzzle. For toddlers, five to 10 larger puzzle pieces will fit the bill, whereas older kids can cut many smaller pieces to increase the challenge level.
Petite pinatas
Another kid-oriented cereal box craft works well for creating festive but budget-friendly party favors. Cereal boxes, tissue paper and a few other supplies can be used to create mini-piñatas, a birthday party staple. Colors and themes are limited only by the maker’s imagination.
Sunburst mirror decor
It’s hard to beat the unabashed style of a sophisticated sunburst mirror when it graces a mantel or an entry hall. Unbelievably, this project takes the humblest of materials and transforms them into a design element that wows. The possibilities are endless, depending on the materials selected, which can include common household supplies such as skewers or even objects from nature.
Memory keepers
A group of framed photos conjures good memories, but the frames can get pricey. This project uses cereal boxes as the basis for creating beautiful picture frames that no one will suspect are made from a box that once held bran cereal. DIYers can cover these frames with everything from fabric and yarn to foil or glued objects like buttons, dry pasta or sticks.
Swaying beauty
A hanging mobile adds energy and movement to any space, and cereal boxes are ideal components for homemade ones. Whether placed over a baby’s changing table or in a sunny window, they are unique pieces that can serve a purpose – to distract that baby – or simply beautify a room. The mobiles can feature unadorned cereal box pieces or ones that have been painted or covered, so this is another project where the sky’s the limit when it comes to variation.
Lighting the night
These lovely nightlights crafted from cereal boxes are true showstoppers. They can help allay the fears of a little one going to sleep, serve as a kitchen-appropriate nightlight or add a dramatic nighttime touch to any space. Start on this project in the morning, and by nightfall, a subtle room brightener will be ready to go.
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