7+ woodworking projects you can make to help keep your home organized

One of the best things about having a home is filling it with stuff that appeals to everyone in the family. But what happens when there's no place to put all the stuff? It ends up everywhere! To avoid an untidy or cluttered looking home, it's essential to organize all the books, toys, electronics and supplies.
With access to the right tools, anyone can build a shelf, cubby, cellphone dock, desk organizer or art supply caddy. Woodworkers who have a little more experience may even attempt to build a wine rack or laptop cabinet. The instructions for all of these woodworking projects are offered below.
How to build a wine rack
Create a unique, custom-crafted wine rack from alder wood. Alder offers natural elements to home decor with its light color and subtle grain patterns. The custom-built wine rack featured below holds 10 bottles of wine.
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Watch the instructional video below to learn how to build a custom wine rack that stands approximately 5 feet in height. The woodcraft project below is not catered to a novice; however, the instructions are pretty straight-forward. The project requires the use of multiple saws, a drill, clamps and a sander.
How to build a floating shelf
Add a custom-built shelf to a wall in any room. This type of shelf is known as a floating shelf, as it does not have noticeable brackets — it appears to float on the wall. Build and hang multiple shelves to add more dimension to a bare wall.
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In the instructional video below, a carpenter guides woodworkers through a step-by-step process to create a floating shelf. Learn how to measure the wood needed for the inside and outside of the shelf. Watch the process of assembling the pieces and mitering the joints to conceal seams.
How to make cubby shelves
Create one or several cubby shelves. If making more than one shelf, considering stacking the shelves for additional storage. Paint the inside of cubby shelves a solid color, or use decorative contact.
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Make a cubby shelf out of birch plywood. Watch the instructional video below to learn how to measure, cut and create the perfect miter joints. Get tips and pointers on sanding and assembling the wood for each cubby shelf.
How to build a desk organizer
Crafted from wood, this desk organizer has four compartments to hold office or craft accessories. Put a clear finish on the wood to maintain the natural wood look, or paint the organizer to match home decor. While the compartments aren't very large or deep, they can hold numerous paper clips, small buttons, charms and tacks.
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Crafted from white oak, this desk organizer is an ideal project for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. The video below guides woodworkers through the process of creating the organizer from start to finish. Proper measurement is the key to ensuring the holes look uniform on the wood.
How to make a laptop cabinet
Cramped for space? When a desk isn't an option in a tight workspace, a laptop cabinet may offer the perfect solution. Crafted from wood, a laptop cabinet provides a wall-mounted drop-down table. In addition to the drop-down table, the cabinet also features a built-in shelf. The shelf offers a permanent space for plants, books and gadgets.
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Birch and maple are the two types of wood needed to create a laptop cabinet. The cabinet also makes use of edge banding, which makes the edges of the table more durable. Check out the step-by-step instructions in the video below to create a laptop cabinet.
How to make a desk caddy
It's hard to believe that four tin cans could be used to create something so fashionable and functional. This desk caddy, constructed of tin cans, decorative contact paper, a piece of wood and a leather strap, is the ultimate DIY upcyling project. Place craft supplies in the cans and use the leather strap as a handle to carry the caddy.
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Use four tin vegetable cans or soup cans for this project. Remove all the wrappers from cans, then wrap the cans in colorful contact paper. Punch a hole in each can, then watch the video below to learn how to attach cans and the leather strap to wood.
How to make a cellphone dock
When hands are busy, wet or covered in food during meal preparation, a cellphone dock can simplify many tasks. Place the wood dock on any flat surface, then slip the phone into the groove in the wood. Watch recipes, television shows or sports games without the fear of dropping or damaging the phone.
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A basic woodworking project that's ideal for novices and experienced woodworkers, this cellphone dock uses walnut. It's possible to use any type of wood for this project, though, as long as the wood is a minimum of 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Watch the video below to learn how to measure, make dado cuts and widen the groove in the wood to fit the phone.