Create a decorative pal with big personality out of an old toilet paper tube

Wisdom comes in many forms, but in the world of DIY crafts, it's never been easier to pay homage to one of the wisest creatures in the world. Using a toilet paper tube, some construction paper and glue, it’s possible to transform simple household items into an all-knowing owl. Perfect for parties or a cute addition to any home decor scheme, making an owl from a toilet paper tube takes very little time.
Complete with wide-eyes and wings, this simple project uses very few materials to create a decorative pal with big personality. While simply adding the basics to this feathered friend makes for a memorable decorative item, there’s nothing to stop you from getting creative with extra construction paper lying around and adding fun accessories! Whatever style this little own takes on, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser wherever it's perched in the home.
-Toilet paper tube
-3 paper clips
-Hand-held paper hold punch
-Elmer’s glue
-Brown colored pencil
-1 sheet dark brown construction paper
-1 sheet light brown construction paper
-1 sheet white construction paper
-1 sheet yellow construction paper
-1 sheet black construction paper
DIY Everywhere
Step 1. Cut a single sheet of dark brown construction paper to approximately 4.5 inches wide. Place a line of Elmer’s glue at one end, and place a toilet paper tube on the glue lengthwise. Press to hold and attach to dry using a paperclip.
Step 2. Roll the toilet paper tube down the length of the dark brown paper, and use another line of glue to attach at the edges. Secure with an additional two paperclips until completely dry.
Step 3. Once completely dry, cut excess paper from the edge and press the outer edges of one top end of the toilet paper tube in toward their centers. This shape should hold on its own and create two higher points on either side in an “owl ear” effect.
Step 4. Cut a wide oval shape from a piece of light brown construction paper as the owl’s face feathers. Set to the side.
Step 5. Cut two large circles from a piece of white paper for the owl’s eyes. Set to the side.
Step 6. Punch two circles from black construction paper using a handheld paper punch.
Step 7. Glue the two small black circles to the center of each of the larger white paper circles as pupils.
Step 8. Glue the large white paper circles with black pupils now attached to the light brown oval paper as complete eyes.
Step 9. Cut a small triangle from yellow construction paper, and glue with the triangle facing down onto the light brown oval as a beak just below the eyes.
Step 10. Cut a second oval from the remaining light brown construction paper, approximately double the size of the first. This will be the owl’s stomach.
Step 11. Color four evenly spaced wavy lines using a dark brown colored pencil directly on the stomach oval for a feathered effect.
Step 12. Cut two sets of talons from the remaining yellow construction paper and set to the side.
Step 13. Glue the light brown face complete with attached eyes and beak to the top of the toilet paper tube near the pointed ears.
Step 14. Glue the body oval with the hand-drawn feathers directly below the face. Fold any excess paper toward the bottom up and into the toilet paper tube, and use three paper clips on the bottom to attach until completely dry.
Step 15. Fold the top edges of the yellow talons over slightly, and attach them to the underside of the toilet paper tube with a dab of glue. Once dry, fold the talons flat so they are even with the surface.
Step 16. Fold the remaining dark brown construction paper in half, and cut a large semicircle with wavy edges. Once unfolded, cut in half to create two equal wings.
Step 17. Fold the short edges of each wing slightly, and attach to either side of the toilet paper tube using a small spot of glue.
Step 18. Once dry, remove paperclips from the body and proudly display this wise, crafty friend anywhere in the home!