This pencil DIY is guaranteed to be a conversation starter with friends

File this project under “just for fun.” An oversized, cartoonish pencil makes a lighthearted office desk or homework area accessory. It's also a novel teacher gift and could even be used as a prop for a school play. With a few inexpensive supplies and the tried-and-true hot glue gun, you’re off and running.
The giant pencil can be adapted ever so slightly for different uses. Without the bottom “eraser” end piece, actual pencils can be stored in its tubular cavity, or it could be used as a “pencil bank” if the end piece has a narrow slot opening cut out of it. This curio is guaranteed to be a conversation starter with friends and coworkers — and, who knows, requests might come pouring in for more when they discover the whimsy these pieces add to a deskscape.
- Construction paper in five colors: bright yellow, pink, black, white and gray/silver
- Toilet paper tube
- Scissors with straight-edged blades
- Scissors with a sawtooth blade (pinking shears)
- Glue stick
- Scotch tape
- Hot glue gun
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1. Cut a rectangular piece of yellow construction paper the length of a toilet paper roll – about 4 ½ inches – so it will wrap completely around the toilet paper roll, with some excess.
2. Lay it flat on the work surface lengthwise and cut a small edge off the right side of the paper with the pinking shears, so it is serrated.
3. Cut a pink piece of construction paper about 1/3 the size of the yellow piece’s width and about 1/8 inch longer.
4. Affix this piece to the left side of the yellow paper with glue stick, with the bottom end aligned. The upper portion of the pink paper should be slightly longer than the yellow piece.
5. Cut a thin strip of gray or silver construction paper, about ½ inch wide and about 1/8 inch longer than the yellow piece.
6. Affix it with glue stick to where the yellow and pink construction paper pieces meet in the middle, and, as with the pink piece, position it so that the small excess length is at the top.
7. Flip the entire piece over so the longer pink and gray paper sections are now at the lower left.
8. After applying glue stick to the top of the paper, place the horizontally- oriented toilet paper roll at the top center of the glued paper pieces, so there is excess paper at either end.
9. Apply glue stick to the middle and bottom end of the paper and roll the paper around the tube so it's covered completely with the paper.
10. Using the scissors with plain blades, cut a semicircle from a piece of black construction paper for the pencil’s point.
11. Roll this piece into the shape of a cone whose round end will fit within the top opening of the pencil.
12. Place a piece of tape inside the cone to help hold the piece's shape in place, and glue the end to the cone’s side with the glue stick.
13. Cut a 2 inch-wide strip of white construction paper and glue the end of the black pencil point to the center top edge of this piece with the glue gun.
14. Wrap the remainder of the white paper around the black pencil tip base and seal the ends with hot glue.
15. Apply glue stick to the bottom third of the white paper and insert it into the top end of the pencil.
16. Using standard scissors, cut a circle of pink construction paper that is just a bit larger than the bottom open section of the pencil.
17. Affix circle to the bottom of the pencil and with standard scissors, cut away any excess pink paper.

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