Bring the outdoors inside with this fun cactus pot DIY

It doesn’t take much to bring the delightful aesthetics of the natural desert world indoors. This DIY project requires a simple toilet paper tube, construction paper and some hot glue to give the interior of any home a fresh, Wild West feeling. It takes very little time to transform an everyday household item into something that reminds everyone of the greater outdoors.
A single toilet paper tube allows crafters to create two cactus pots. This provides the opportunity to create a stand-alone piece or an entire collection of cactus pots in a variety of colors. Change up the floral accent design or go wild with the base hues. Whatever route you take, these cactus pots are a sure way to add warmth and color into your decor.
-Toilet paper tube
-Hot-glue gun
-1 mini faux flower
-1 sheet of blue construction paper
-1 sheet of green construction paper
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Step 1. Cut a single toilet paper tube in half at the mid-point.
Step 2. Cut a piece of blue construction paper approximately 2.5 inches in width length-wise down the sheet. Place a line of glue at the short edge of the paper, and press the half toilet paper tube onto the glue, holding firm to attach.
Step 3. Once dry, continue rolling the tube down the length of the blue paper, gluing at various points along the way until the paper edges meet. Cut away any excess paper.
Step 4. Cut a strip of blue construction paper approximately 1 inch in width the length of a single sheet. Attach toward the top of the toilet paper tube with a single spot of glue.
Step 5. Wrap the strip around the top circumference of the tube, and connect at the edges with glue leaving a good portion of the paper standing above the top of the tube. There should be some space remaining between this top strip and the tube itself.
Step 6. Place a line of glue around the bottom circumference of the toilet paper tube, and set firmly on a square of blue construction paper.
Step 7. Once dry and firmly attached, cut out around the edges of the tube removing excess paper so the blue paper creates a complete bottom cover.
Step 8. Fold a sheet of green construction paper in half, and draw a half oval that begins at the bottom edge of the green paper and travels halfway up the length of the sheet.
Step 9. Cut the oval out and separate the two halves. These will be the cactus plant leaves.
Step 10. Cut an incision starting at the bottom center of one of the cactus plant cutouts to approximately the halfway point and a matching incision starting at the top center of the second cutout going down toward the center.
Step 11. Use a sharpie to draw two lines down the length of the front and backside of both cactus plant cutouts. Draw smaller lines poking out in varying places from each longer line to create the look of spikes and thrones on the cactus.
Step 12. Connect the cactus cutouts together by adjoining them at the opposite incision points. This should create a four-sided cactus.
Step 13. Set the entire cactus into the cactus pot.
Step 14. Glue a mini faux flower to the top edge of the cactus plant, and display alone or alongside a collection of cactus pots!

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