How to make a tribal-print mug with Sharpies

The idea of a permanent marker in the hands of an unsupervised child may inspire terror, but in the hands of a crafting adult, using Sharpies may result in a unique gift. This project uses tribal designs to decorate a solid-colored mug, which can sit on a shelf or mantel to add to a room's decor.
This craft only covers the mug's front and side, but the symmetrical pattern can extend around the entire drinking vessel. Use any color mug with complementary- or contrasting-colored permanent markers. There is a world of tribal patterns out there, so choices are almost endless.
- Solid-colored ceramic or plastic mug, any color
- 2 Sharpies, regular tip, any colors
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1. Draw a medium-sized diamond shape on the front center of the mug, two-thirds of the way down from the lip. Draw a second diamond of the same size interlocked with the first. The second diamond’s top point should start at the center of the first diamond.
2. Draw two additional sets of interlocking diamonds, equal distance from the sides of the center diamond. There now should be three diamonds: one in the center (Diamond 1), one to the right (Diamond 2) and one to the left (Diamond 3).
3. Draw a thick solid line one-half inch above the diamond tips. Extend the top line so it goes across the front and sides of the mug. Repeat the line below the diamonds. Extend the bottom line so it goes across the front of the mug and stops one-fourth inch shorter on both ends than the top line. Make sure the lines have finished edges at the ends.
4. Draw and color in triangles hanging from the top line equidistant between Diamond 1 and 2, and 2 and 3. The triangles should be the same size as half of a diamond. Draw and color in a triangle hanging from the top line to the left of Diamond 3 and to the right of Diamond 2.
5. Draw and color in triangles rising from the bottom line equidistant between Diamond 1 and 2, and 2 and 3. Draw and color in a triangle rising from the bottom line to the left of Diamond 3 and to the right of Diamond 2.
6. Outline all the full diamonds, the lines and the triangles with the second Sharpie color.
7. Color in a medium-sized dot equidistant between a top and bottom triangle. Repeat for all top and bottom triangles.
8. Make small, equidistant dots along the length of the top line, one-fourth inch above the line.

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