How to make a polymer clay flower mug

Polymer clay is a versatile, man-made medium that’s easy and safe to work with, whether the crafter is 8 or 58. It can serve as the basis of a project, such as the polymer clay jewelry that’s so popular or a one-of-a-kind cell phone charm, or it can be applied to something such as a plain terra cotta flower pot to make it extra-special.
The clay is available online and at craft stores, and it’s affordable, too. A set of small tools made just for working with polymer clay isn't very expensive, either. You also can use household items, such as silverware, mini-screwdrivers and toothpicks, to shape the clay if you don't want to buy tools.
Polymer clay comes in every color of the rainbow, plus metallic and glitter-infused varieties for those who like a bit of glam. This project, a plain ceramic mug decorated with polymer clay flowers and a vine, makes a much-appreciated gift.
- Several 2-ounce packages of polymer clay (the number of packages depends on how many colors to be used for the flowers, plus one package of green clay)
- A solid-color coffee mug
- Polymer clay tools (optional) or household items to shape clay
- Aluminum foil
- Baking sheet
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1. Break off a small piece of clay.
2. Pinch off a smaller piece of clay in a different shade but the same color family as the first piece.
3. Blend colors and form into a melon-sized ball.
4. Remove a small piece of clay and roll into a small, tubular shape. This will form the center of the rose, which will be surrounded by individual layered petals.
5. Flatten five small pieces of clay into oval shapes. These will be the first petals.
6. Envelop the rose’s center with these pieces and situate them so they overlap a bit and flare out slightly at the top of the flower’s center stem. Pinch the pieces in at the stem’s bottom.
7. Fashion five more small circles and layer them, still overlapping, around the others.
8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 to craft a second, smaller flower.
9. Unwrap a piece of green polymer clay and hand-roll four small balls.
10. With fingers, mold into four leaves: two large and two small.
11. To fashion a vine, roll a small chunk of green clay between your hands to form a long, snake-like length of clay; wind it around the upper half of the mug handle. Make sure the top end rests on the uppermost flat portion of the mug handle.
12. Using a small clay knife tool or cutlery handle, place one leafy flower on the vine’s upper end, at the top of the mug handle.
13. Fuse the larger flower and stem together with the tool, smoothing the clay’s surface so the flower and vine become one piece.
14. Attach the second smaller flower next to the larger one, also atop the stem.
15. Place the mug on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake according to the directions from the clay manufacturer.
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