How to make wall art with PVC pipe

PVC piping isn't just for effective plumbing. In addition to things such as a functional PVC lamp, you also can make nonfunctional but interesting wall art with PVC. Although this tutorial uses a specific pattern and color scheme, you may use any size PVC, pattern and color combination to customize the artwork for a specific space.
If your decor is primarily lighter colors such as white, beige or cream, consider using black and shades of gray to make the piece stand out. For darker color schemes, use different shades of the main color.
- PVC pipe, 3/4-inch diameter, 2 inches long
- PVC pipe, 1 1/2-inch diameter, 5 inches long
- 3 rulers
- Marker
- Pipe cutter (not shown)
- 3 small bowls
- Blue craft paint in three shades
- Artist's paintbrush
- Newspaper or scrap material to protect surface
- E6000 flexible adhesive
- Blonde wood board, 24-by-10 inches
1. Measure and mark at 1/2-inch intervals along both pipes. Cut at each mark with the pipe cutter. This produces four 3/4-inch circles and 10 1 1/2-inch circles.
2. Pour each color of craft paint into its own bowl. Place newspaper on the work surface.
3. Paint two small circles and three larger circles, including the insides, one shade of blue (S1). Let the paint dry.
4. Paint four large circles a second color (S2). Paint two small and one large circle the third color (S3). Leave two large circles white (S4). Let the paint dry.
5. Turn the board so it is horizontal. Place one ruler along the right edge, another along the top and the third along the bottom edge so the three rulers touch. This should look like a rectangle with the left side missing.
6. Place the S2 circles in a vertical line alone the inside right edge of the rulers, adjusting the second one so it sticks out to the left. All circles should be touching.
7. Place the S1 circles vertically in the following order with all circles being flush with the S2 circles: large, large, small, large, small.
8. Place one small S3 circle against the first horizontal row. Place the large S3 circle against the second horizontal row.
9. Place the other S3 small circle in the center of the board and slide it so it is two-thirds of the way down the board in the center. Place one S4 circle 1 inch to the left and 3 inches up from that S3 circle. Place the other S4 circle 5 inches to the left of the S3 circle.
10. Apply E6000 to the bottom of each circle in turn and press into place. Allow the adhesive to dry.
11. Hang the board vertically.