How to make a cat keychain

This project is designed for the cat lovers in your life. Whether a casual fan of felines or a bonafide “crazy cat lady,” the recipient of this endearing kitty keychain is sure to love it. This project is low-cost and requires just 11 supplies. A committed crafter can crank out a half dozen of these in two hours or less.
The cat keychain is a cute solution to the never-ending search for the keys that constantly go missing. The chances of misplacing it will be nil, because it's hard to ignore a keychain this sweet! Its a great gift in itself, but it also makes a birthday or holiday package adornment. The recipient of one of these keychains won’t soon forget their love for Fluffy.
3" X 3" square of pink felt
3” X 3” square of felt in color that matches painted wooden ball
Acrylic paint in color chosen for cat
Small fine art paintbrush
Small bowl to hold paint
Thin metal twine
Small pair of cutting pliers
Keychain hardware (gold or silver)
White silk string (or color of choice)
Hot glue gun
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1. Place dowel through the wooden ball.
2. While holding the dowel, coat the ball with acrylic paint using a paintbrush, and let it dry for about half an hour.
3. Cut two small semi-circles from felt that matches head color.
4. Roll each up into a cone shape and hot glue the ends to cones to retain the shape.
5. Apply hot glue to the bottom circular part of each ear and affix to the wooden ball, one on each side of dowel, to form ears.
6. Remove the dowel from the ball.
7. With a small pair of cutting pliers, cut approximately a 3-inch length of wire.
8. Fold in half several times and fashion bow ends on each side of the wire.
9. Make sure to leave an excess of about 1/2-inch at one end.
10. Take the excess and wrap tightly around the middle of the section of bundled wire.
11. Snip a tiny bit off the ends of each side; the “whiskers” are now formed.
12. Hot glue them to the center of the cat’s face.
13. Cut a small piece of pink felt; cut a small triangle from that piece to place over center section of wires.
14. Hot glue pink felt onto center of “whiskers,” with the triangle point facing downward.
15. Using dowel, thread an 8-inch piece of string through hole in ball, and thread it through the bottom end of the keychain hardware piece.
16. Create a loop above the cat’s head by threading the string back through the hole so that the end exits the bottom of the head.
17. Take both pieces of string and tie a knot just below the cat’s head.
18. Unravel the excess braided part of the string underneath the knot to create a tassel-like bottom portion.
19. Trim the tassel ends with scissors.