How to make a carrot with a Styrofoam cone

This oversized carrot project is just the ticket for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, an Easter adornment for the front door or just an all-around fun interior accent. This piece will also add warmth and whimsy to a basket or bookshelf. You don't need great stitching ability, despite the fact that the project’s main embellishment is carroty-orange yarn.
The project requires just half a dozen supplies, and the result is rustic and cozy. The only risk that you will face? If you have a pet bunny and the bunny catches sight of this giant carrot, he’ll think he’s died and gone to heaven.
- Styrofoam cone (about 4 inches by 12 inches)
- X-Acto knife
- Six to seven 6-inch sprigs of artificial leafy green ribbon used for wreath making, from a 10-yard spool
- Orange yarn
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
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1. Gently cut away the sharp edge of the cone's wide, circular end using the X-Acto knife so that the cone's bottom is more rounded.
2. Dig out a shallow hole in the center of the cone’s bottom with the scissors.
3. Take six or seven 6-inch lengths of leafy sprigs, and line them up side by side. Create a knot using the bottom ends of the sprigs.
4. Apply hot glue drops into the hole on the bottom of the cone, and insert the knotted end of the greenery sprigs into the hole.
5. Starting at the wide circular end of the cone, apply hot glue in a circle, starting at the point where the stem sprigs are inserted into the cone.
6. Continue applying hot glue, and then apply the yarn in concentric circles, unwinding it from the skein, until the cone is almost completely covered with the orange yarn.
7. Finish by covering the tip with hot glue and a small, balled up piece of yarn before cutting it from the skein.
8. Cut the yarn from the skein, and trim any excess yarn with the scissors.
9. Let the glued yarn on the carrot dry completely.