Grab a Styrofoam cup & try these DIY ideas

Seeing the art, or the potential for it, in ordinary items is magical. Take a styrofoam cup, for example. Its fundamental shape can become the foundation for nearly limitless projects, and its soft yet sturdy material easily welcomes decorative elements such as paint, markers, glue, glitter, textured embellishments and more. And because of styrofoam cups’ versatility, you can use them in tandem to fashion structured decorations or individually to stand alone.
As humble as styrofoam cups may be, their modern transformations go beyond the art class crafts of childhood memories when colorful pipe cleaners became arms, legs and tufts of curly hair. Today, they take on a decidedly trendy and charming demeanor with unexpected projects that add festive or fashionable touches to a home.
Hanging bells
Gold jingle bells add some glittery detail to holiday decor. This tutorial video makes it easy to ring in the holidays and New Year with a fancy trio of bells. If the gold paint does not match your theme, consider red, green or silver.
An industrial-chic gold wreath makes a trendy alternative to traditional evergreens. This tutorial demonstrates the simple technique to crafting a metal wreath. Hang it on a front door, an entryway or above a serving table for a modern decorative detail.
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Hot air balloon
Soar above it all — or at least imagine it — with this tabletop hot air balloon. Watching this down-to-earth tutorial video makes the pro-looking piece simple to create. Set it in a living room, on a bedside table or atop the dresser of an adventure-seeking little one.
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Terra cotta pot
Add variety to a terra cotta pot display with styrofoam that evokes the look of the real thing. This tutorial how-to shows the right way to trim and reconfigure a cup to create a pot ready to take on a mini succulent. Display the cup-pots with authentic terra cotta pieces or alone, lined up or in a cluster.
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You don't have to be a champion to display these delightful metallic trophy cups. This tutorial provides instructions even novice crafters can tackle. And the trophy at the end is a sweet, sweet prize that's worthy of a place of distinction.
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Woven styrofoam cup
Create a duet of desktop pen holders with yarns woven along panels of styrofoam cups. This tutorial shows simple weaving techniques to create decorative yarn cups. Fill the cups with bunches of office supplies such as pens, pencils and rulers.
Christmas tree
Make a tabletop Christmas tree from a stack of fringed, paper-draped styrofoam cups. This tutorial takes the guesswork out of a simple yet classic Christmas decoration. To kick up the festive factor, use spray adhesive along the paper and sprinkle with multicolored glitter to simulate twinkling lights.