Don't leave glass bottles empty. Try this beautiful hanging makeover

Macrame was a popular hobby for many during the 1960s and 1970s that has made a comeback in recent years. Macrame does not require special tools and can be done anywhere.
This project reuses glass bottles that otherwise might get thrown away. Clear glass bottles allow you to use any cord color, but you can also use tinted bottles. For green or brown bottles, use contrasting cord colors so the macrame pattern stands out.
- Spool of unbleached cotton cord
- Scissors
- Medium bowl
- Disposable gloves
- One-step tie-dye application, 2 colors
- Zip-top plastic bag
- Paper towels
- Clean empty glass milk bottles, ½-pint size
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut off a length of cord at least 4 times the length of the bottle. Bring together the two cut ends and smooth out the cord.
2. Place one-half of the folded cord in a coil formation into the empty bowl. Put on gloves.
3. Apply the first dye to the cord in the bowl and massage it into the cord until the cord is fully colored. Remove the cord and place only the colored part in a plastic bag.
4. Clean the bowl with a paper towel.
5. Place the remaining undyed cord in the bowl and apply the second color. Massage it into the cord all the way up to the first color.
6. Seal the bag and let the dye dry. Remove the cord.
7. Fold the cord until you have 4 strands of one color (C1) and 4 strands of the other color (C2). Smooth out the cord.
8. Repeat step 1 with uncolored cord (C3). Fold one more time so there are four strands. Bring the ends of C1 and C3 together and tie a knot.
9. Separate the strands and place the milk bottle so the base is centered on top of the knot and the cords can be pulled up around the glass to hold it in place.
10. Tie square knots about 1/2-inch apart up the length of the bottle. Use a total of 4 strands, with strands next to each other to tie the knots. This will result in an alternating pattern.
11. Tie a knot with all the strands at the top for hanging. Place flowers inside to use as a vase.
Instructions for square knots
1. Separate 4 strands (they should be next to one another). Pull the far-right strand (S1) over the middle 2 (S2, S3) and under the far-left strand (S4). There should be a loop on the right side now.
2. Bring S4 under S2 and S3, then through the loop on the right side. Pull S1 and S4.
3. Pull the new far-left strand over S2 and S3 and under the new far-right strand.
4. Bring the new far-right strand under S2 and S3, then through the loop on the left side. Pull tight.