Lady transforms Stryofoam cone into gorgeous Christmas tree

A little tasseled texturing can go a long way towards transforming a single Styrofoam cone into a soft and elegant holiday accent piece. When it's time to change up the traditional decor for something more modern, consider putting the hot-glue gun to work. This project requires nothing more than a crafting cone, some hot-glue, woven ribbon and wire cutters, making it quick and easy to let your creative magic unfold.
With this DIY project, you can find a creative use for a Styrofoam cone and inject some tasteful holiday spirit. Leaving room for creative intuition, there’s an opportunity to swap out the soft beige ribbon mentioned below, for something a bit bolder. Whether it sits on a shelf or the dining room table, a tassel Christmas tree is an exciting and unique way to upgrade the overall holiday look of the home.
-Large Styrofoam cone (16 inches in height)
-Hot-glue gun
-1 roll of beige woven ribbon (option for pre-fabricated tassel ribbon)
-Wire cutters
-Gold crafting wire (12 inches)
-Hand-held pliers
DIY Everywhere
1. Measure out and cut approximately 12 inches worth of beige, woven ribbon from the roll.
2. Cut one side of the attached ends following the length of the ribbon at the edge to create a tasseled appearance. You can also use tassel ribbon that’s pre-cut instead of crafting the look by hand.
3. Attach one short end of the ribbon to the bottom center of a large Styrofoam cone using a spot of hot-glue. Make sure the tassels are facing down.
4. Wind the ribbon around the bottom of the cone, attaching at various points along the circumference with hot-glue. Cut away excess ribbon where the edges meet.
5. Using the end of the ribbon from the roll, begin attaching a second circle of tassel ribbon directly above the bottom ring, allowing a small portion of the tassels above to hang over tassels below for added texture. Cut away excess ribbon where the edges meet as needed.
6. Continue attaching rings of tassels until the entire Styrofoam cone is covered.
7. Use wire cutters to cut a 12-inch piece of gold crafting wire.
8. Use hand pliers to carefully shape the wire into a small star, leaving a half-inch portion at the bottom as a securing point. Cut off any excess wire as needed.
9. Press the bottom of the wire star into the top of the Styrofoam cone.
10. Display this soft and sensational work of holiday art on any shelf or table in the home!