How to make a denim pocket wall hanging with an embroidery hoop

The most fun thing to happen to a gallery wall is this inventive denim pocket wall hanging. Find a pair of old jeans or denim shorts, and the main ingredient for the project is taken care of. This project is simple and takes very little time — in fact, you can complete it in a single afternoon.
The piece will draw interest from guests as they admire it, and approval will turn to surprise as they realize they’re actually looking at a pants pocket with flowers in it. This pocket project can also add appeal to a front door, and pocket fillers don’t necessarily have to be flowers. Think other adornments like ribbon strips, dried cattails or bamboo.
An old pair of blue jeans
a 10” embroidery hoop
A Sharpie marker
Artificial stems and flowers
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1. Lay the jeans on a flat surface, with the back pockets facing upward.
2. Place the embroidery hoop over the right back pocket so the pocket is centered within the embroidery hoop.
3. Draw a circle with the Sharpie marker, following the circle of the hoop but with about half an inch extending beyond the embroidery hoop's outer edge.
4. Cut the outlined circle from the back side of the jeans with the scissors.
5. Unscrew the embroidery hoop hardware piece to separate the inner and outer hoop pieces.
6. Place the smaller hoop without the hardware under the circular denim piece.
7. Place the larger hoop with the hardware on top of the circular denim piece.
8. The denim fabric will now be between the hoop under it and the hoop on top of it with the hardware.
9. Press the hoop on top of the fabric down so the smaller hoop below the fabric nestles inside the larger hoop, with the fabric in between.
10. Re-screw the larger hoop’s hardware pieces together.
11. The denim fabric will be taut in between the hoops, but there will be excess fabric extending beyond the periphery of the hoops.
12. Cut away excess fabric with the scissors.
13. Place artificial flower stems and flowers in the pocket.
14. Hang the piece on the wall.