How to make a macrame plant hanger

Macrame may look complicated, but once the steps to crafting beautiful knots are understood, it becomes easy to transform simple strands of yarn into stunning works of art. Macrame is a popular decorative item for walls. You can also use macrame to create a lovely plant hanger for the home by learning a series of simple knots, you can create gorgeous detailing that makes the perfect frame for in-home foliage.
While many people who participate in the art of macrame prefer to use crafting cords, colorful yarn works just as well. The variety of options available makes it easy for macrame art work that you create to have an authentic originality. The process of creating the knots is consistent, but the final product inevitably has a personalized touch. A macrame plant hanger adds a splash of color to home decor, while remaining a mobile accent piece that can be easily changed out with the seasons.
- 3-hole circle macrame shelf 2’ in diameter
- Pink cotton yarn
- Grey cotton yarn
- Scissors
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1. Lay a 3-hole circle macrame shelf 2-feet in diameter on a flat surface.
2. Cut 2 pieces of pink yarn to 6-feet in length.
3. Cut 2 pieces of gray yarn to 6-feet in length.
4. Lay the yarn out length-wise with the two pink pieces of yarn side-by-side in the center with the gray yarn framing the outer edges. Make sure all edges are lined up evenly.
5. Pull the ends of the yarn from the back of the macrame shelf through one of the holes.
6. Fold 3-inches of the yarn ends in half to create a loop and pull the remaining yarn ends around the circle shelf and through the loop to make a knot. Pull to tighten.
7. Using the two lengths of pink yarn as a base, lay the single strand of gray yarn from the right across the top of the pink yarn.
8. Loop the gray string from the left side underneath the two pieces of pink yarn and up and between the right gray strand and the further pink strand to the right. Pull tight to create a decorative macrame knot.
9. Repeat the process directly below the first knot to create a second knot. Push the second knot up to meet the first.
10. Continue crafting macrame knots leaving 1-inch of exposed pink yarn between every two sets of knots. Complete 4 sets of knots in total.
11. When the 4 sets of knots are completed, move the pink yarn 4 inches down and create one last knot at the center of the circle shelf. Stretch out the remaining yarn across the length of the shelf.
12. Repeat the string attachment and knotting process for the remaining two holes of the macrame circle shelf.
13. After you have knotted string for each hole, gather all the remaining yarn together and loop into a single large knot.
14. Hang the shelf from the top knot so that the circle shelf is horizontal to the ground.
15. Place a plant on the macrame shelf to display.
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