How to make a shell tree with a Styrofoam cone

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that the holidays are reserved exclusively for traditional decor. With all those well-loved ornaments and accent pieces waiting in boxes, it might be hard to imagine adding a twist on a traditional favorite. However, for those with a knack for DIY crafts, creating a festive tree with a new take on what's expected can be all kinds of holiday fun!
With only a Styrofoam cone, some hot-glue, and Cowrie seashells, it’s possible to transform holiday decor into a seaside homage. There’s no reason that the coastline can’t make its way into the home when colder weather rolls around. Some well-placed seashells work wonders at turning a simple Styrofoam cone into a tree worthy of starting holiday conversations. This chic, elegant, and intriguing accent piece is a great addition for a shelf or as a table centerpiece.
-Large Styrofoam cone (16 inches in height)
-Hot-glue gun
-Cowrie seashells (pack of 400)
-Decorative starfish
DIY Everywhere
1. Beginning at the bottom-center of a large Styrofoam cone, use a small spot of hot-glue to attach a single Cowrie seashell and press to hold. Make sure the open edges of the shell are face up and the bottom edge of the shell is in line with the bottom edge of the cone.
2. Repeat this attachment process with a second Cowrie seashell lined up side-by-side with the first shell. Continue to attach shells around the entire circumference of the bottom of the cone. It will take approximately 25 shells to complete the circle.
3. Once the bottom circle of shells is complete, attach a second ring of shells above the first in the same fashion. Allow a small portion of the bottom of one shell to overlap the top of the shell below for a textured effect.
4. Continue to attach increasingly smaller rings of shells until the entire cone is covered with the exception of approximately 1-inch at the very top point.
5. Use a line of hot-glue to attach one end of a toothpick to the back of a small, decorative starfish.
6. Once dry, gently press the end of the tooth pick into the top of the Styrofoam cone and face the starfish the direction chosen to be the front of the tree.
7. Display this elegant and intricate holiday accent tree on a shelf or as a table centerpiece for all to enjoy!